Rabbi Haim Cassorla Letter to Hanan Ashrawi
An Open Letter to Hanan Ashrawi

Rabbi Haim Cassorla

Hanan Ashrawi: “The most blatantly racist slur is the Israeli theft of our humanity as parents. In an attempt to rob us of our most basic feelings for our children, we are accused of ‘sending [our] children out to die’ for the sake of ‘scoring media points.’ The horror is further compounded by the total and unquestioning equanimity with which such a grand national slur is repeated by Israelis of all parties, with no critical distance or even awareness of the enormity of such a racist charge.” (Jordan Times, October 29, 2000)


Dear Ms. Ashrawi:

I am sure that Hussam Abdo Bilal will be glad to hear that you feel that way. You remember Hussam, don't you? he is the sixteen year old kid that someone offered 100 NIS to to put on a suicide belt and cross into Israel on a mission of homicide and incidentally, suicide. I say incidentally, since I take your statement at face value. You are sending your children out to kill. Clearly all the world should know by now that you are sending your children out to kill.

Their deaths are merely what is called 'collateral damage.' Simply the 'innocents' who die in a military strike against the hated enemy. Not quite as innocent as the women and children, your own and the truly innocent of other countries who come to your aid and who walk the streets in close lockstep with the masterminds of murder and mayhem, who are there to raise the toll of dead and injured. Their job is to inflate the toll of casualties on your side if and when the Israel Defense Force attempts to remove another of the plotters and executers of mass murder. Interestingly, though, the normal course of legitimate war is to inflate the casualties of the enemy and minimize the casualties of your own side, even if the numbers are sometimes juggled.

The war against Israel is not a conventional war, and you Ms. Ashrawi know this as well as anyone else. You have been a high ranking member of the Palestinian Authority from the beginning. You, a mother, are responsible for the mother's milk of PA television which features children, 5 and 6 years old, parading with mocked-up guns and Shaheed Belts, and sweat bands. You are responsible for fronting for the PA and its leader, the richest Palestinian alive, you know the Egyptian guy whose wife lives in luxury in France and Switzerland like a Princess.

Ms. Ashrawi, please tell me about the plans you have for the Palestinian Economy. Please show me the industry and public works and agricultural projects that you and your colleagues in the PA have sponsored and built and dedicated for the good of the Palestinian people whom you love so dearly.

So, Ms. Ashrawi, tell me again how much you love your children. Tell me while you are looking into the eyes of Hussam Abdo Bilal. Tell me that you are not responsible for sending him to kill and to die. And while you are at it tell me how the "oppressor" stopped him from getting to heaven, by disarming him. Tell me, incidentally, why in the quote above the word "[our]" is inserted in square brackets.Tell me about him and about the 11 year old who was sent last week. I know you love your children. By the way I haven't seen any Ashrawi children or grandchildren among the Shaheedeen, or any of Yasser's either, have I?


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