The Winners: From Gush Katif
The Winners: From Gush Katif

Via Barbara Sommer

We have won!

Dror Vanunu – Gush Katif

We won, because you [Ariel Sharon] supposed that 30%
of us would stay until the last deadline, and we were
more optimistic and hoped that at least 60% of us
wouldn't leave. Now, one month before the planned
expulsion only a few families left and with the new
arrivals 130% residents live at this moment in Gush

We won, because you conspired with our Arab enemies
and chose not to retaliate against the launching of
mortar shells and kassam rockets which you hoped would
break our spirit, but we continued our everyday
routine with amazing faith seeing the greatest
miracles daily!

We won, because you thought we are as corrupt as you
are and that you could offer us money so we would
forsake our ideals, but we proved to all that the
values of truth are leading us and we never knocked on
the doors of the Expulsion Administration (for

We won, because you exclaimed: "Who needs Gaza? Gaza
does not belong to the Land of Israel", but the
thousands who held hands on the human chain understood
that Gaza is part of our Biblical heritage and that
Gush Katif is the gateway to Jerusalem.

We won, because you hoped to see us taking apart our
hothouses and uprooting in tears, but hundreds of
farmers among us are hoping and planting with joy.

We won, because you believed that our villages,
streets and houses would turn into ghost towns, but we
built, enlarged our houses, water our lawns, and
continue investing, and we never saw such intense days
as these days.

We won, despite the wide disinformation and biased
perspective of the media, because we met "face to
face" with thousands of households countrywide,
creating a wide circle of friends around us.

We won, because you were so sure that the
disengagement would be over so easily, but didn’t
expect the country to become so ‘orange’.

We won, because you thought that brainwashing the
soldiers would shut their hearts and that the IDF
would become a tool of you and the corrupt thugs that
surround you. Instead, the wave of refusals to obey
orders is flushing the army ranks and proves that the
simple soldier is wiser than his commander.

You might finally succeed in expelling us from our
homes and turning us into refugees, though your
threats and provocations have failed, but it will be
by unprecedented violence.

It won’t help because WE WON.

The spirit of Emunah, the Mesirut Nefesh
(determination) and the truth of Gush Katif will
forever overcome the soulless bulldozer that revealed
his monstrous lack of spirit and faith.


Dror Vanunu

Israel: Katif Region Development Fund

Neve Dekalim, D.N Hof-Aza, 79779


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Reprinted by permission.