Tsunami - Part 2
Tsunami - Part 2

by Isaac Mozeson

I found out that nami means wave in Japanese -- but
this is the "wave" of rocking motion", not necessarily
of the sea.

In fact nami (wave could be made up of NAh ( to
wander, like Cain's curse or to shake) + YaM (sea).

I consulted with a Japanese expert who agreed that the
theory that tsu + nami meaning "port wave" is only the
current guess.

I've made a career of exposing published guesses that
become petrified as etymology.

Etymology is from Greek etmos, truth. Greek truth was
mixed up at Bavel. The original truth is EMeT, not

Only EMeT, like truth, is the medium point between
extreme positions: Between Aleph and Tahf is Mem.

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