Language: The Chattering of Chimps or Babble from Babel?
Language: The Chattering of Chimps or Babble from Babel?

by Isaac Mozeson

Both options seem strange. Since Darwin’s The Origin
of Species (1859) science assumes that, after millions
of years of evolving mutations, some grunting apes
became the gesturing Neanderthals, which led to
Shakespearean sonnets. Happily, the floating,
uniquely human hyoid throat bone also appeared,
helping this species survive by lying, crooning,
yodeling and rapping. (The world’s oldest hyoid bone
was unearthed in Haifa).

Secularists have always considered it mythic that a
divine engine would factory-install a language program
at Eden, creating the first modern humans. And that
multi-national history was then to have been
neurolinguistically kickstarted at the Tower of Babel,
with 70 spin-offs which have since de-evolved into our
6,000 tongues.

Linguist Noam Chomsky proved that the human brain is
hard-wired for language. He suggested that some
super-intelligent alien engineered language. And
recent linguists DO conclude that all Earth languages
came from one universal language. But NOT that
“recent West-Semitic language” called Hebrew.

The establishment Eurocentrists still support “origin
unknown” for LAD (boy), even though Hebrew yeled and
Arabic walid mean “boy,” and the root of birthing is
Lamed-Daled. Genesis 11:1 has “kol aretz saphah
echat” – coincidentally like WHOLE, EARTH, SPEECH… one
(source of EACH). The new science of Edenics now has
over 23,000 such “coincidences.” Edenics works with a
Proto-Semitic, “Edenic” vocabulary where each root
letter has the “genes” for the wide diversity of the
world’s words.

Edenics doesn’t use kabbalistic formulae, only
bread-and-butter stuff already used to link, say,
French with Italian. So, Daled-Resh-Kahf, derekh
(way, road) is echoed in the words for “road” in
Russian (doroga), Australian Aborigine (turingas) and
40 other languages in the “DIRECTION” entry of our
e-word CD dictionary. Moreover, the Gimel of garon
(throat) can shift harder to a hard C or softer to an
H. This is why EGRETS, CRANES and HERONS are all
long-throated birds.

There are only a few hundred English-Edenic links as
easy as rageel (usual) and ReGuLar. If one shifts the
position of a letter instead of its sound, one knows
why ReLiGion is about a spiritual path becoming a
ReGuLar routine.

Instead of the divine dance of sense among sound,
scholars assume that words are merely chaotic noises
that we assign meaning to. But words traced back to
Eden AREN’T meaningless sounds. Take mysterious
animal names. In English, names like
1) GIRAFFE, 2) SKUNK, 3) GOPHER, and 4) HORSE are mere
sounds. But in Biblical Hebrew, (Sephardic)
Ayin-Resh-Phey, ghoref, means neck. 2) Tsokhen,
stinker, gave the Indians that delightful creature’s
name, 3) Khopher means digger, and 4) Horaish is
plower. There's a large chapter on animal names from
Eden in The Origin of Speeches:
From the Language of Eden To Our Babble After Babel
(winter 2005).
Modern Hebrew has some bone-headed new animal names.
When the guardians of Modern Hebrew had to coin a word
for that crustacean, the CRAB, they went to the Old
High German krebitz. This word is thought to mean
“scratching,” even though crabs don’t scratch. The
Academy then named the crab sartan, for scratching.
(Samekh-Resh-Tet is the source of SERRATED). The
scholars should have noted other creatures with
exoskeletons, like the aqrab (scorpion). From qeren
(horn) and Aramaic karpafta (skull) they should have
seen a KR subroot of hardness. Koof-Resh-Bhet means
battle and encroachment. So, nature’s lumbering,
armored tank, the CRAB, should have been called a

It was an animal, a little birdie, that whispered the
whole Edenic concept into my ear back in 1978. I was
a doctoral literature student, a published poet, stuck
with a boring linguistics requirement at New York
University. The professor demonstrated the genius
behind reconstructing the so-called "Indo-European
root” for the generic bird word. This never-spoken
laboratory reconstruction was to show how Aryans
emerged from a separate troop of well-groomed apes,
without any (shudder) relationship to the “inferior”
races, peoples and languages.

That theoretical, generic bird word was SPER. In
second grade I knew a similar generic word for bird...
tsipor. At the “SPARROW” entry one sees the Tsadi-Pey
behind bird-related words for floating, spying, being
covered (as in feathers), a talon, and chirping.

In Edenics every two consonants make a sound. Sound
is energy. This is a science now, no more Humanities
myths. Every sound carries sense. Therefore, if we
examine the simple three-letter word for flower,
Pey-Resh-Het or perakh, we can see that it is a
combination of 1) P-R (botanical things, as in perot /
FRUIT) and 2) the R-K element of fragrance, seen in
reyakh (smell) or English REEK.

Here are two examples from the upcoming Japanese book.
The SAMURAI, a storied warrior, was a royal guardsman.
A guardian in Hebrew is a shomer. More often, the
Japanese reverses the Hebrew. KARATE is an unarmed
martial art. Therefore, kara means empty and te
(pronounced tay) means hand. Reverse Hebrew raik
(empty) and yad (hand) to get kara-te.

Are we naked but gabby gibbons, or have we divinely
enhanced brains (Genesis 2:7) above an ape’s body?
Were we engineered for speech, for literacy, perhaps
even for Revealed moral instruction (G-d forbid)?
Stay tuned. In our 21st Century culture wars, we will
weigh in with the new science of Edenics.

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