Yasser, That's My Baby
Yasser, That's My Baby

by Irwin N. Graulich

He was responsible for blowing up babies in pizza parlors. Yet Jacques
Chirac did everything possible to save his life and honor him. He had
babies shot in their homes and schools, sometimes while their mothers
watched. Yet Jimmy Carter welcomed him into his home in Plains, while
Rosalind actually served him a nice dinner.

Much of Europe and Scandinavia called him "a great and courageous
leader," yet he orphaned the babies of 11 Israeli athletes in the 1972
Munich Olympics. He murdered a disabled, elderly American tourist, the
wheelchair-confined grandfather of the Klinghoffer babies by
"heroically" tossing grandpa off a cruise ship at sea. Yet President
Bush said, "May God rest his soul," upon hearing initial false reports
of his death.

To the Arab and Muslim world, his legacy was teaching their babies how
to blow up and murder innocent non-Muslims. Yet he somehow attained
heroic status. And there you have the upside down world in which we
live today. Under present conditions, a Palestinian state would
undoubtedly send the horrible message that there are positive
consequences to terrorism.

It would be virtually impossible for Ariel Sharon, upon hearing the
good news of bin Laden's demise, to react with, "May God rest his
soul." The correct Jewish response would be, "How wonderful. Evil is
dead. Now let's have a holiday or at the very least a party!"

Well, Arafat is finally dead. "Hooray; the wicked witch is dead!" That
is actually an appropriate Jewish reaction from which the free world
can learn a valuable lesson. There should be no compassion for evil
whether it is Hamas, al Qaeda, Timothy McVeigh, Pol Pot or Hitler
himself. "Purposely" hurting innocent people changes the status of a
human being into sub-human monster.

So where do we go from here? Do the Palestinians deserve, yes deserve a
state? The simple answer is "No, but...." After 2000 years, the world
agreed to divide ancient Israel, which belonged to the Jews, into 2
parts; giving half the land to Arabs and the other half to Jews.
Naturally, Arabs were permitted to continue living in the Jewish part
and reap their rewards. However, Jews were forbidden to live in the
Arab portion, keeping Arab/Muslim land Judenrein. Somehow, the entire
free world has agreed with this bizarre position.

Egyptian born Abu Amar aka Arafat was able to change his birth
certificate without forgery by simply repeating the big lie. This
Master Manipulator understood that the best way to keep his message on
CNN, NBC, ABC and CBS was to maintain refugee status on his people and
change the word occupation from a noun to a verb. The wandering Jew has
morphed into the wandering Palestinian, a people without a homeland.

Would it be possible to keep generations of people in refugee camps,
where no one was guarding them or forcing this squalor? Now that is a
trick worth studying whereby bright people remain destitute and willing
to kill themselves, while their leader steals infrastructure funds to
set up his wife in a Parisian hotel on $500,000 per week. And they
somehow love him for it. This is not a fairy tale. The wicked witch was
a real live person with a kaffiya.

Now that the ultimate terrorist is dead, where do we go from here? Is
peace possible in 2004-5? The truthful answer is "no," unless one has
the bizarre belief that it is indeed possible to negotiate and trust
evil. Of course, many immoral, foolish leaders have bought into the
Neville Chamberlain approach. Such moral luminaries (sic) as Chirac,
Straw, Annan and Schroeder have fallen into the foolish leftist trap
called "trusting humanity", whereby even Bill Clinton and Dennis Ross
once mistakenly stepped.

Unless we begin with the premise that people need to earn or deserve
something before the are given it, society will fail. The Jewish people
yearned for a return to their homeland for 2000 years. Therefore, a
valid argument can be made that the Palestinians still have 1950 years
to approach a quid pro quo. Why did this simple fact not even enter
into the Oslo process or the Camp David talks? Because we live in a
world of immediate gratification which usually leads to disaster.

It is necessary and better for a group to wait and learn values before
they are permitted to have a state. There are very wise biblical
precedents for this concept. 3350 years ago, God made an incredible
effort to "take the Jews out of Egypt," and bring them into their land
of Israel. He used plagues to free them and even split a giant sea to
permit escape.

After all those amazing miracles, the Master of the Universe made those
same Jews wander in the desert for 40 years, before bringing them into
the Promised Land. Herein lies the answer to the present
Israeli-Palestinian issue. God understood the important concept that
the children of Israel were simply not ready for their own state,
because they were filled with poisonous Egyptian values and a death

That generation had to die out and a new generation had to be raised
and taught different values and behavior. Unless this same change is
applied to the Arab Palestinians, a decent, democratic state is not
possible. As the Jews did 3300 years ago, Arabs must change their
thinking, their ideologies, their methods of raising their children and
their behavior. The Arab Palestinians must go through their own
"Wilderness Program" in the same way that Jewish Palestinians underwent
their transformation.

The simple answer to this lingering problem that politicians have not
been able to figure out is that the West Bank and Gaza should become
commonwealths of Israel for at least a generation. If the Palestinians
take advantage of learning science, technology, business,
nation-building, values and democracy from Jews, while teaching their
children the important biblical concept of "love your neighbor," a
separate state can eventually go off on their own. Just like an IPO
spinoff, only then will their shares truly be worth something.

Irwin N. Graulich is a well known motivational speaker on morality, ethics, religion and politics. He is also President and CEO of a leading marketing, branding and communications company in New York City. He can be reached at irwin.graulich@verizon.net

Reprinted by permission.