Antisemitism Eventually Hits Everyone
Antisemitism Eventually Hits Everyone

by Irwin N. Graulich

It only begins with the Jews. Jew-Hatred should be a wake up call for
all decent human beings of every religion and no religion. Hitler's
initial target was indeed, the Jews. But that was only the beginning of
his plan. He invaded Czechoslovakia, France, England and would have
eventually progressed to the rest of humanity.

Attention planet earth! Antisemitism is not exclusively a Jewish
problem, because it never ends with only Jews. The latest example of
this phenomenon is the Arab and Muslim world, which has despised Israel
since 1948. Anti-Israel and antisemitism are virtually synonymous
terms. However, this time, the antisemitic cancer has metastasized
further than previous masses, growing into anti-American and
anti-Western tumors.

The hatred for the tiny Jewish state should have been an early
detection warning for the world that this lump will eventually spread.
Had the West biopsied the problem immediately, perhaps 1 million black
Sudanese Christians would still be alive and 3000 Americans who
perished on 9/11 would continue to hug their children, parents and
spouses today.

What is even more amazing is that Jew-Hatred does not stop with
murdering all other groups. As displayed clearly in Iraq and
Afghanistan today, these Jew-Haters are more than happy to murder their
own innocent Muslims using car bombs, suicide bombers and other tactics.

As America's great moral beacon, Dennis Prager, has continually
explained, "The Jews are the miner's canaries for the world." Miners
have been known to take canaries down into the mines when working. It
seems that canaries are much more susceptible to noxious fumes than
humans. When the miners see the canaries dying, they know it is time to
fight the fumes, and get out of the mines, or they too will die.

Let the world know, that Jews play the role of miner's canaries for
good people everywhere. When there are "noxious moral fumes," the Jews
die first. But it does not end there. All innocent people are next in
line. For 25 years, Israel was at the top of the Islamic world's list.
Now, these evildoers are beheading Americans, British, Italians, South
Koreans and yes, even blowing up their own.

Unless the world recognizes from where these horrible, evil fumes
emanate, and do something definitive to eliminate the poisons, we can
all kiss our families good-bye right now.

Political correctness has crept into this equation, not permitting
world leaders to tell the truth; that the real problem is
fundamentalist Islam. To call Islam "a religion of peace," at this time
in history is a "fundamental" error of gross proportions. Of course
there are some beautiful, kind Muslims, especially in America. However,
there were some lovely members of the Nazi party during WWII, and even
wonderful Communists during the heyday of the Soviet Union.

The bulk of the world's issues with evil today unfortunately fall
within one group, and it happens to be a religion. That is the plain
and simple truth. Unless leaders like George W. Bush point that out
clearly, without fear of offending, Islam will never solve its
disastrous problems. Imagine a therapist being "uncomfortable" telling
a patient their flaws. Pointing out faults and gross behavior is a
positive thing for everyone.

Thank God that humanity has never thought of polio, malaria, AIDS or
any other disease as a problem for only one group or country. If
civilized people everywhere do not fight the battle to wipe out this
new "Islamic Terrorist" disease, eventually we will all catch it.
America has the cure. Use it!

Irwin N. Graulich is a well known motivational speaker on morality, ethics, religion and politics. He is also President and CEO of a leading marketing, branding and communications company in New York City. He can be reached at

Reprinted by permission.