Court on the Fence
"Court" On The Fence

by Irwin N. Graulich

Only when barbed wire fences were put up around Jews was the world's
evil finally satisfied. That will never happen again, despite the
fantasies of the UN, France, The International Court in The Hague and
the Arab/Muslim world.

When Israel defends itself militarily, it is called occupation. When
Israel protects its citizenry, it is called aggressive. When Israel
erects a fence to keep terrorists from blowing up Jewish babies in pizza
parlors, it is called apartheid. The International Court of Justice has
a problem with Jews who escaped being gassed in Auschwitz.

No wonder. The Court's president, Shi Jiuyong of China represents a
despicable Communist government that jails people who dare say, "I
disagree." Judge Shi recently delivered an address on the occasion of a
visit by the head of the Swiss Federation praising Switzerland's long
history of "neutrality and justice (sic)." Correct, that is Switzerland,
a country that could not make up its mind during WWII between the
morality of Hitler or Churchill. Neutral my tuches. The Swiss gave aid and support to the Nazis.

Other stars on this World Court include Judge Bruno Simma, born in the
midst of Nazi Germany. Imagine the values he learned from his parents
and former SS neighbors; Awn Shawkut Al-Khasawneh, a Jordanian who
attended the Islamic Educational College in Aman where non-Muslims are
guilty, even if proven innocent. And of course, we have Nabil Elaraby,
an Egyptian judge which is in itself an oxymoron. What kind of justice
can you possibly uphold if you were schooled within a fundamentalist

So there you have just some of the cast of characters. "Saturday Night
Live" could not possibly have assembled a more incompetent group of
buffoons to make worldly moral decisions. And their sister organization,
the massage parlor located on First Avenue more commonly referred to as
the United Nations has not faired much better.

There are 58 Muslim nations, totally embarrassed that there is one tiny
democratic Jewish state with 5 million people, stronger and more
successful than all 1.2 billion Muslims worldwide. With honor being the
most important value and shame being the most despised in Islamic
societies, those "brave warriors" have finally realized that they cannot
defeat Israel or America in any military endeavor or civilizational
accomplishment. Therefore, Arabs and Muslims have developed a totally
new strategy which many of the remaining leftist/socialist nations
embrace, selfishly fearing their own 9/11 for non-support.

It is no wonder Israel is hated. How do you explain to Muslim children
that Israelis can wear attractive bathing suits at a beach, have a
boyfriend or girlfriend of their choice, watch MTV and surf the
Internet? How do you explain that some of the best hospitals and most
important technological developments are coming out of Israel, while you
have to marry your father's choice, wear a burka or wash dishes in a
primitive house for the rest of your life?

Why the uproar over a security barrier which at some point could be
taken down? It offends both Arab and Muslim honor that all Israel needs
is a fence to keep those "great warriors" away. The Palestinians are
insulted that concrete slabs and metal wire can prevent macho terrorists
from blowing up school children on buses.

However, when they fight with actual weaponry, Arik Sharon winds up
surrounding the 200,000 strong Egyptian Third Army, who surrender in
tears to a few thousand Yeshiva boys. Talk about offending macho
Arab/Muslim honor.

Therefore, because Israel has an undefeatable "offense," the Arab
"offense" had to change from physical to verbal, leaving Israel to use
"a fence." Using lies and inappropriate language such as occupation,
colonialism, imperialism, Nazi-like, land grab and freedom fighter, are
all attempts at showing that the little "fence" is not a fair "offense."
The Palestinians cry like infants at the UN, itself a rather infantile
organization, most of whose members have verbal diarrhea.

The politically Right-leaning, almost fascistic Arab world has adopted
the philosophy of the Western world's Left by shifting blame away from
the individual, and holding "inanimate objects" responsible for their
problems and deficiencies. The Left in America and throughout much of
the world does not assume personal responsibility. Instead, they blame
societal violence on television movies, out of wedlock births on lack of
condoms, the large increase in the prison population on poverty (lack of
money) and increasing murder rates on guns. The Islamic world has
learned well from this strategy and now blames " a fence" for all their

The only fence that should be dismantled is the one around the UN,
running from 42nd to 48th streets, and eventually turning that vile
building into a much more useful homeless shelter. The General Assembly
has once again shown its true colors and proven that the only nations
with a moral backbone besides the United States are Australia, the
Marshall Islands, Micronesia and Palau. Get out a map, because those are
indeed the only countries worth a visit!

Irwin N. Graulich is a well known motivational speaker on morality, ethics, religion and politics. He is also President and CEO of a leading marketing, branding and communications company in New York City. He can be reached at

Reprinted by permission.