Why I Celebrate Rantisi's Death
Why I Celebrate Rantisi's Death

by Irwin N. Graulich

Another congratulatory "mazel tov" goes out to the Israeli Apache helicopter crew!

Many people, including Jews, were angry over some comments I made about Sheik Yassin's death. How dare I express "any" joy over the Sheik's demise. Many emails implied that, "I am no different than all the terrorist groups who give out candy and march through the streets in victory after a suicide bombing."

How did this twisted moral equivalence develop where the death of evil is no longer a cause celebre of the decent? Remember that great scene after WWII in Times Square, where hundreds of thousands of people were celebrating the death of Hitler, and the Allied victory over Japan?

I am proud that America and Israel have imbibed the Judeo-Christian ethic that encourages fighting evil and destroying it. Of course, the rest of the world is trying to make us feel guilty about our values and incredibly moral actions. That is why America is hated for liberating Iraq, and Israel is hated for standing up against 5 Arab countries that were intent on destroying it. When the Arab nations became so fearful of tiny Israel after 3 wars, they proceeded to create a new replacement weapon called the Palestinians.

For those Jews filled with rage at me and not at the terrorists and their leaders, they obviously had not attended a synagogue during the month of March. It was probably no coincidence that Sheik Yassin's death coincided with the holiday of Purim, where Jews "joyously" commemorate the death of Haman and his sons.

Whoever has not experienced this holiday, Christian, Jew, Muslim or Secular, is certainly missing an important life experience. Fun is the name of the game and even excessive drinking is encouraged. There is screaming and cheering every time the evil Haman's name is mentioned during the Scriptural readings. Yet some Jews remarkably have contempt for my elation over the wonderful deaths of Yassin, Rantisi and any future Hamas terrorist leaders. Coincidentally, the word Haman is only one letter off from Hamas. Perhaps a little divine revelation here.

A new, "progressive" European mentality has infected the world in the 21st century with an overemphasis on love and compassion. Although both of these traits are important, they must be properly channeled along with justice. As The Talmud clearly states, "Those who are compassionate when they should be cruel, will be cruel when they should be compassionate." In fact, the cruelest regimes in the world have criticized Israel at the UN for ridding the world of this evil doctor.

Unlike Jack Straw, the morally confused foreign minister of Great Britain, most Americans make a clear distinction between good and evil, and the killing of innocents. The Straw man sees no difference between a terrorist leader and a democratically elected head of state. It is no wonder that America's Founding Fathers could not wait to get the hell out of "Straw country by the Thames."

Any nation that places the word "Great" in front of its name, must have some serious psychological issues with its own meager talents. Other than Tony Blair and a few other select individuals, the British have been infected by a morally decaying European Union. In fact, the British are still angry with America over their loss in the Revolutionary War.

Hamas leader Abdel Aziz al-Rantisi publicly announced that he would prefer death by Apache over cardiac arrest. A partnership of God and Ariel Sharon granted him his eternal wish. Rantasi, an ultra-arrogant pediatrician from Gaza said, "I will not leave one Jew in Palestine." He was absolutely correct because he left 5 million.

Hamas is a terrorist organization that must be dealt with in precisely the same manner as al Qaeda. There is no difference between bin Laden and Rantisi, except Rantisi is now pushing up daisies and will likely be pure fertilizer by the time bin Laden joins him. The elimination of these individuals should bring joy to the hearts of every respectable man, woman and child. The bad guys are dead, just like those happy endings in the great Hollywood movies.

The destruction of evil is a very healthy concept, although many individuals seem disturbed by it. Evil is a cancer. Just like oncologists provide us with a certain joy by destroying tumors and harmful cells, there should be an equivalent emotional high in "burning evil out of our midst." We should not feel sorry for cancer or terrorists.

The terrorist strategy is a death cult that declares victory when they are killed. How is that for an inverted truth? Remember when victory meant that you destroyed your enemy? The evil terrorists cannot face the reality of consistently losing their battles, so they have invented a totally new military strategy that defines victory with defeat. Being sent to Club Med-Heaven to have imaginery relations with 72 virgins has become all the rage.

It is indeed humiliating that the entire Arab and Muslim world of 1.2 billion people cannot defeat 5 million Jews in Israel, nor match any of their accomplishments in science, technology, literature or medicine. It is humiliating that Israel actually does what it says it will do to terrorist leaders, while these macho-terrorist bosses talk a big game. It is humiliating that virtually every Arab and Muslim leader saw "themselves" in the Saddam capture video and the Rantisi funeral procession . It is humiliating to the world that tiny Israel and America pretty much alone does what it wants throughout the world in fighting and destroying evil. Let the celebration begin; hooray!

Irwin N. Graulich is a well known motivational speaker on morality, ethics, religion and politics. He is also President and CEO of a leading marketing, branding and communications company in New York City. He can be reached at irwin.graulich@verizon.net

Reprinted by permission.