Let Israel Do Iran
Let Israel Do Iran

by Irwin N. Graulich

George Bush can do the world a big favor. Let Israel do Iran!

Or should Ariel Sharon simply wait for disaster, culminating in
beautiful obituaries at the UN and sanctions placed on the Tehran
regime? The Supreme Leader of Iran, Ayatollah Ali Khameni has officially
declared war on Israel through his use of serious verbal threats and
direct funding for the Hezbollah/Hamas terrorist organizations.

The reticence of democracies to declare preemptive wars unless they have
been seriously attacked, plays well into the hands of al Qaeda
operatives and the Saddams of the world (no linkage). Waiting for a
September 11th style event to occur, or a nation like Kuwait to be raped
and pillaged, is a mistake of immense proportions.

Unfortunately, it was an American president who was instrumental in
resisting military action, thereby cultivating this terrorist monster.
Jimmy Carter, peanut farmer extraordinaire and most likely the worst
president in American history, allowed Iran to fall into evil hands
after the American embassy takeover and kidnappings of 1979. Thus
President Carter became the greatest contributor to 9/11 sans Osama bin

After amputating the first leg of the "axis of evil" in Iraq (the Baathe
Party), gangrene has spread throughout the second leg, conveniently
located right next door. With almost 150,000 troops ready, willing and
able to "operate," the scalpel should be passed to Israel, whose
particular specialty has been excising military enemy cancers in the

The secret to the enduring Palestinian situation is that they are not a
state, and thus cannot be dealt with in the appropriate, harsh manner.
Once they become a duly recognized member of the UN, they would
certainly go the way of Egypt, Syria and Jordan on the battlefield,
should the situation warrant it. Arafat understood this quite well,
which is the primary reason he rejected Barak's offer outright.

The messy aftermath in Iraq will not follow an Israeli victory over
Iran. The Iranian populace has a particular warmth for Western
democracy. In addition, the 1967 and 1973 wars clearly showed that
humiliation by a tiny Jewish state is a vital part of a true victory.
Otherwise, Abu Ghraib-type propaganda will be used to cloud the

The Iranian army can easily defeat eight British soldiers with pistols
in a small boat that veers off course. What a great Islamic triumph,
capturing non combative soldiers, blindfolding them and creating a false
international incident for Arab/Muslim media consumption. Let's see what
those tough Iranians do when Jews show up with F-16's.

Iran is a terrorist organization with a flag and an example of virtually
everything that could possibly be wrong with a government--totalitarian,
autocratic, religious, fundamentalist and a tyranny over its populace.
Why would a religious leadership express such hatred for Israel and
America, while announcing that they would "happily be willing to
exchange the nuclear deaths of 100 million Muslims for the 5 million
Jews in Israel?"

Under the Koran, once a place has instituted Muslim sovereignty, which
the Jewish state had experienced for a brief time in history, it can
never lose Muslim sovereignty. Muslim hatred is based solely upon the
reality of strong and successful Christians/Jews, a fact of life which
disturbs and humiliates Islam. Allah cannot possibly permit the infidels
to succeed over religious Muslims. Iranian fundamentalists have severe
Jew and Christian hang-ups, which reinforce the idea that American and
Israeli power somehow invalidates Islam.

The rhetoric of a "nuclear free Middle East" simply means a Middle East
free of Israel. The recent diatribes by Iranian Foreign Minister Kamal
Kharrazi about Israel's nuclear weapons are living proof that his
country clearly understands that one wrong step against Israel and
Tehran could glow in the dark for many years to come.

Today, the battle for Western civilization is largely being fought in
the Middle East. The world is divided into three groups. Those who would
like Israel destroyed. Those who support nations (directly or
indirectly), that want Israel destroyed. And the United States of

Prime Minister Sharon must announce immediately that Israel "does not
need a permission slip from anyone...except the United States." Israel's
previous victories coupled with the American experience in Afghanistan
and Iraq are part of a developing new strategy. If all these valuable
lessons are employed militarily, change throughout the Middle East is

The only serious problem remaining will be, "What the heck to do with
Europe and Scandinavia?"


Irwin N. Graulich is a well known motivational speaker on morality, ethics, religion and politics. He is also President and CEO of a leading marketing, branding and communications company in New York City. He can be reached at irwin.graulich@verizon.net

Reprinted by permission.