Wipe Israel Off The Map
Wipe Israel Off The Map

by Irwin N. Graulich

No wonder our Founding Fathers could not wait to get the hell out of
Great (sic) Britain. England is turning into one big, bad joke. We
all knew George Galloway was an antisemitic, anti-American criminal
who happily bent over for Saddam and his gang bangers. Mayor
Livingstone of London goes the other way, licking the behinds of
radical Muslims in his city.

And now we have that big eared fool, Prince Charles coming to lecture
Americans about "being too intolerant of Islam." It is time for
Britain to get rid of the phony royal family who have been stealing
from their subjects to pay for skirts for the prince and 50 new
dresses for his latest, rather ugly princess. Indeed, the Prince of
Wales never had a real job in his life and should be tossed out of
New York and Washington on his royal keister.

So where is Ronald Reagan when we really need him? "Dutch" saw the
Carter inspired, Iranian hostage crisis of 1979 as a golden
opportunity to send a sweet little secret message to a purely evil
country in the making. "Return our hostages immediately or Tehran
will glow in the dark for about 50 years."

The day Reagan was sworn in, 52 Americans at the embassy in Iran were
released. Wake up Sharon and Bush--the incubator of terrorism is
handing you a solution to world terrorism on the proverbial silver
platter. The Iranians want nuclear power; well, let's give it to
them. Only when these 21st century fascists realize that we are
indeed quite serious about our threats, will we begin to see the
ayatollah lapdogs react with true religious trepidation.

The wacko part of the left and the radical Islamic world have
partnered to defeat the ultimate superpower, America, and mini-power,
Israel. In any military battle with America or Israel, the so-called
Iranian army would surrender in droves, crying in the desert like
their cowardly Iraqi counterparts. After all, in eight years, the
Iranian Revolutionary Guard could not make a dent in a pathetically
disorganized Saddam military machine, which was decimated in no time
by America and its allies--twice.

The only way to defeat a strong democracy is with public relations
bombs. The world must realize that it was the blessing of atomic
weapons in the hands of the most decent democracy that finally ended
WWII. Although Hirsohima and Nagasaki were totally moral attacks
during war, they are now being re-marketed quite successfully as evil

Just put some dead baby pictures in front of caring democracies 60
years later, and they wince in shame. The left and the Islamo-
fascists learned a valuable lesson from the "radical" anti-abortion

Ted Kennedy and Howard Dean have added venom to the stigma of
"overwhelming force" by showing that President Bush is more evil than
Saddam, for causing collateral damage and allowing underwear to be
placed on prisoners' heads. And so goes the Iraqi war plan, mired in
politically correct weaponry that must only harm the worst
terrorists, while merely destroying the pencils of the enemy
terrorist planners.

Let's be clear. Atomic weapons in the hands of democracies are
important, holy weapons. The threat they pose has stopped some,
although not all, evil from occurring since 1945. However, in the
hands of totalitarians, terrorists and radicals, these armaments pose
the greatest threat to humanity today.

If we fight Iran in the same pc manner as Iraq, we will face millions
of Iranian insurgents fighting for their beloved motherland; with
many more martyrs than in Iraq. Why were there no insurgents in Japan
or Germany? Because our military was mean and fought with
overwhelming force, which is absolutely necessary today.

The Barbara Boxer's and Nancy Pelosi's of the world want the military
to be this great social experiment in rehabilitating dictatorships
into democracies. The only purpose of the military is to win with
tremendous power, having the enemy fear you for a period of time and
making sure no one on the enemy side has any bright ideas of becoming
a hero against America.

We are not there to become pals. If that is the purpose of a war with
Iran, send in the Peace Corps. We must put the fear of a real God
into them by winning decisively, and taking over the oil fields for
the world. What a wonderful lesson this would be for many evil, oil
rich dictatorships, Venezuela included. And won't China just love $30
a barrel oil?

Of course America or Israel cannot simply attack a sovereign nation
because a majority of its population is simply heroically retarded.
Burning American and Israeli flags on the local streets of Tehran
while bravely chanting, "Death to America, Death to Israel," is their
only way to fight and win.

However, when the newly elected president of this pathetic country
boldly declares, "Wipe Israel off the map," and "Anyone who
recognizes Israel will burn in the fire of the Islamic nation's
fury," those words are certainly valid declarations of war. Just
check the writings of Sir Winston Churchill.

The world could not have asked for a better plan from Mahmoud
Ahmadinejad, a corrupt, suicidal radical from the Khomeini days who
was swept into power by promising his poverty stricken, oil rich
nation "economic improvement, social justice and one Muslim nation,"
all points which Hitler himself utilized in his "one Aryan nation"

Should the above dream scenario actually come to fruition, and the
Iranian president travels to the UN for an address to the Security
Council, we can rest assured that some brave New Yorkers will make
some sort of citizens arrest, as soon as his limo parks in front of
The Waldorf.

While awaiting arraignment in the Tombs, I promise to be a decent guy
and visit him with a care package from nearby Chinatown which will
include a container of Mu Shu Pork and napkins with the Iranian flag
on them to wipe the pork grease off his face. After all, we are still
fellow human beings (sic) and must be considerate of good ol' Mahmoud."

So Mr. Bush and Mr. Sharon, let's turn this dream into a reality. We
have the solution to this major world problem, but we must act right
now. Give President Ahmadinejad and his ayatollah cohorts 48 hours to
leave the country. If they refuse....well then, just get the tongue
depressors ready!

Irwin N. Graulich is a leading motivational speaker on politics,
ethics, religion and Judaism. He is also president of a leading
marketing, branding and communications firm in New York City. He can be
reached at irwin.graulich@verizon.net

Reprinted by permission.

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