Ending the "State" of Worldwide Terrorism
Ending the "State" of Worldwide Terrorism

by Irwin N. Graulich

It began in Jerusalem and it will end there. When will the world learn
the important lesson of Hitler? The fact that evil only begins with the
Jews but never ends with the Jews, always continuing to prey on other
innocent victims.

The way to prevent future 9/11's, Madrid, Bali, London, US Embassy
bombings in Kenya, the attack on the USS Cole, Khobar Towers, et al is
by showing the numerous related legions responsible for all this horror
that they will never, ever get their way. It is no wonder that they
keep doing it. The origins of organized worldwide terror--the cleverly
invented Palestinian cause, has spurred airplane hijackings, deaths to
Olympic athletes and wanton mass attacks, among other evil inventions.

What was learned from Palestinian terror is that it actually works
quite well resulting in: 1) forcing Israel to negotiate 2) world
leaders giving the father of modern terrrorism, Yassir Arafat, billions
of dollars which he ultimately stole or used for bomb making 3) the
eventual relinquishing of the West Bank, where the majority of
terrorist groups plan attacks on Netanya, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem 4)
Israel's complete withdrawal and disengagement from government
sanctioned legal Jewish settlements in Gaza, the area which
headquarters many terrorist groups 5) a worldwide consensus to sanction
a " Palestinian state" for terror to incubate further.

The Palestinians have made terrorism into a new sport, cheered and
celebrated with heroes on posters, tv, dvd's and collectible cards.
Quickly joining this relatively new major league with their own teams
are the rest of the Islamic world. Actually, the Palestinians are
probably worse in character than the Nazis, since Nazis tried to hide
their evil deeds, while the Palestinians and Muslim head choppers seem
so proud and boastful of their actions. Using mass media, videotape and
press releases, Palestinians have sent a clear message which most of
the world seems to ignore...being pro-Israel actually means one
important thing--that you are anti-terrorism.

It is quite clear that Palestinians will never give up their dream of
conquering all of Israel, just like the Islamic world will never give
up its fundamental desire to make the entire world into one Muslim
nation. While Iraqis had to be forced to praise their evil leader,
Palestinians willingly cheered Saddam from rooftops even though he sent
scud missiles dangerously close to them. Let's not forget the 9/11
parties throughout the West Bank and Gaza. Is every single Palestinian
or Muslim guilty of such radical celebrations? Of course not, but a
majority of believers do hold on to these idealistic hopes.

Just like that cute little German blonde boy with the swastika, who
saluted the Fuhrer in 1942 and ultimately had to be part of the
collateral damage of the Dresden attack, so too must the decent part of
the world understand that there is a certain collective responsibility
coming out of the Islamic world which must be dealt with in an
extremely harsh manner.

However, Israel has continuously responded to the problem with the most
absurd democratic ideals using compassion, fairness, fear of the press,
false hopes for peace and other romantic Western beliefs. Fighting
terrorism, Islamic fundamentalism, Nazism, communism and other
totalitarian ideologies under the rules of democracy will lead to
disaster. The last 5 Israeli prime ministers have basically been
reactive, going into the wasp's nest only after an attack on Israeli
soil. The lesson of America's incredibly successful fight against the
Nazis was that a great democratic nation must be proactive,
"completely" destroying an evil enemy even before being attacked.

Hey Arik--when someone is fighting dirty with rat poison laced bombs
against schoolchildren, you do not put him into a legal headlock and
hope for the best. You blow his brains out, destroy his associates and
ask questions later. Ariel Sharon is living proof that there is no
relationship between competent military leadership and successful
political skills.

The following should have been Israel's response to terror from day
one, in addition to the obvious military reaction. Every time there was
a suicide bomb attack against Israel, 20 miles of the West Bank should
have been annexed immediately. When there was an unsuccessful attempt
which was stopped by police or a military checkpoint, the Palestinians
would lose another 10 miles of the West Bank. Without any permanent
penalties in place, of course terrorism would never stop until every
Israeli is dead.

People think Jews are smart. That may be true in medicine, law and
business, but it is certainly untrue in running a country. It was
American Christians who understood the importance of taking a firm
stand against Mexico and the native Indian population, who could have
made legitimate claims for the land. The truth is that almost every
nation in the world had previous inhabitants with legitimate
claims...that is, every nation except Israel, where Jews indeed have
the original claim. Something is certainly quite bizarre here.

Only after the Arab and Muslim world recognizes that the Palestinians
have blown any possibility for a Palestinian state, will terrorism
ultimate cease. Only when Saudi Arabia realizes that they may indeed
lose a few oil wells, will they take the West seriously and not
continue to fund terrorism. Letting Iran negotiate with the European
Chamberlains of our time will keep them laughing under their breaths at
the West, while the ayatollahs continue to push for a nuclear
capability, which they would have no problem using.

In 1945, Allied forces removed 12 million Germans from East Prussia,
which ultimately became part of Poland. This successful precedent shows
the importance of removing 2 million Palestinian Arabs from the West
Bank. The question remains, will America and Israel "turn the other
cheek" to Islam like the 56 nations that have permitted Islam to take
over? When Christians turned the other cheek to Muslims in the 7th
century, they were slaughtered en masse.

So the obvious solution is a quid pro quo that all Palestinian Jews
withdraw from Gaza to live in the West Bank (unless they wish to pledge
allegiance to the Islamic republic that will be formed), while all
Palestinian Arabs withdraw from the West Bank to live in Gaza (unless
they decide to become Zionists). Without this concept being
implemented, Israel will fail, which could eventually result in the
beginning of the end for the West.

Of course the world will hate Israel for doing it and America for
allowing it. However, I would rather see a strong Israel and America
that everyone hates, instead of an Auschwitz and terrorist filled world
for which Europeans feel compassion and sorrow.

Anyone who thinks you cannot use great force for goodness, is ignorant
of history. History has taught us that goodness, democracy and freedom
require force and tremendous power to back it up. When Prime Minister
Sharon is replaced by a Brooklyn boy who understands the problem from
an American historical perspective and can deal with the White House on
their own level, without an accent, only then will Israel have a chance
to truly survive.

Irwin N. Graulich is a leading motivational speaker on politics,
ethics, religion and Judaism. He is also president of a leading
marketing, branding and communications firm in New York City. He can be
reached at irwin.graulich@verizon.net

Reprinted by permission.

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