Attention Single Jewish Women
Attention Single Jewish Women

by Irwin N. Graulich

In fact, attention all single women who want to marry. Do you know why
you wonderful ladies are still alone most nights? Because, in general
today, the idea of dating a conservative, God forbid Republican male,
is the equivalent of dating a chimpanzee!

As most men mature, they tend to depart from the secular college
brainwash, based on 1960's liberalism, and become somewhat more
conservative. The macho caveman DNA starts to break down the
indoctrinated feminization of the well educated male. Men are forced to
go out into the real world to become corporate hunters, especially if
they eventually plan to have a family.

Women are totally different, despite what elite college professors
believe about the similar natures of men and women. As women get older
they become more liberal, until they wed. Single men generally go
towards the right, while single women head left; another one of God's
little tricks to make the mating process more complex.

These results can be proven in real life by studying any of the most
popular dating websites of the day; the present Jewish favorite being With the exception of a majority of Orthodox women,
virtually every woman's political viewpoint in her "dating profile" is
liberal or left.

Naturally, these singles would like an equally "compassionate" guy to
take home to mom. However, bringing a Republican home to dinner would
be shocking in many Jewish families, even though Jewish values coincide
more with Republican values and ideals today.

The disqualification of a Jewish Republican male from a date is the
reason why many men stay registered Democrats, while secretly voting
otherwise. Let's be clear. Unless a guy hides the fact that he voted
for George W. Bush, he will almost never get laid. Telling the girl's
parents at a Passover Seder that he voted Republican, places the
potential suitor into the same category as a Nazi sympathizer (sic).

Girls are taught in college that the desire to permanently bond with a
man`and raise a family is not the most significant thing in life. Being
an executive at IBM or managing a human resources department... those
are the ultimate important goals.

The Democratic party has come to realize that if a woman gets married
and has children, there is grave danger of losing her support.
Realizing this, the Boxer's and Kennedy's of the left have tended to
stress women's careers much more than Republicans. In fact, radical
feminists, who are overwhelmingly Democrats, have a serious loathing
for women who are happily married and rely on a husband for the
financial portion of the relationship. Talk about penis envy.

A recent poll by a Democratic party pollster provides further insight
into this amazing phenomenon. 50% of Jews attending synagogue voted for
Bush in 2004. Since only 26% of Jews nationwide voted Republican, it
becomes obvious that it is overwhelmingly non Jewish Jews who voted for
John Kerry.

Jews who take Judaism seriously, whether Orthodox, Conservative or
Reform, voted 3 times more often for the conservative candidate.
Goldberg, Cohen, et al who are Jewish by last name only, and do
virtually nothing Jewishly except support Israel, will vote
overwhelmingly Democratic. Instead of voting for Judaism's American
Judeo-Christian values, these people are voting for the other ism's in
life like liberalism, environmentalism, feminism, socialism, etc.

So a little advice to all you single Jewish and non Jewish women who
would like to get married. Forget the major cosmetic surgery, new
hairstyle, Manolo Blahnik shoes, Club Med jaunts and new wardrobe. Just
rethink your politics and world view, and perhaps a honeymoon will
become a much greater possibility.

Irwin N. Graulich is a well known motivational speaker on morality, ethics, religion and politics. He is also President and CEO of a leading marketing, branding and communications company in New York City. He can be reached at

Reprinted by permission.