Peace and goodwill to all men?
Peace and goodwill to all men?

by David Frankfurter

Dear Friends,

UK Christian Aid has long pushed an anti-Israel program, aggressively promoting the Palestinian narrative at the expense of both peace and of relieving Palestinian poverty.

It is interesting to compare their approach with that of the World Bank, a neutral body which also seeks to find the causes and propose solutions to Palestinian poverty. The World Bank's latest report also took input largely from Palestinian sources. It agrees that Palestinian freedom of movement would improve things for the Palestinians. It also clearly rejected the proposition (not too subtly promoted by Christian Aid) that Israel is therefore at the core of the poverty that the Palestinians suffer from.

The World Bank clearly determined that until internal Palestinian reforms take place, any Israeli action would not be sufficient to significantly alter the plight of the average Palestinian - and that until the Palestinians acted against terror it would be totally unreasonable to ask the Israelis to remove the checkpoints that Christian Aid complain about so bitterly.

This is the difference between a world body which is trying to find real solutions to a human problem, and create peace and prosperity - and Christian Aid, whose motivations are hard to fathom.
The World Bank requires the money of the world community and action by the government of Israel - but says that this would all be "hard to justify" without pre-requisite action by the Palestinians themselves. The Palestinian Authority must "demonstrate strong committment to security reform" and "reinvigorate its program of governance reforms". The World Bank further specifies "Without a visible and effective effort [to control Palestinian violence], the case for persisting with certain closure measures is hard to refute....the PA [must] complete the cycle of popular elections it has embarked on, control lawlessness, develop a solid judicial system and address concerns about transparency and corruption."

The latest Christian Aid appeal continues to promote its anti-Israel agenda, without referring to the contribution of Palestinian corruption and violence to the plight of their own people. The falsity of this Christmas time appeal was recently analysed in a report by the Jerusalem based NGO-Monitor.

Not only does Christian Aid seem unconcerned about deceiving its donor base and abusing the huge amounts of Government funding it receives to promote an agenda which runs contrary to UK Foreign policy, it also seems unconcerned by the plight of fellow Christians who live under the Palestinian regime.

Until they adopt a more balanced approach, Christian Aid will not just continue to create divisions between the peoples of the region. Its focus on demonizing Israel also creates a divide within Christian communities and between Christian and Jew within Britain.

I attach an email I received from Angela Bertz (one of our friends) which very eloquently addresses this latest Christian Aid campaign. [Angela Bertz' article is available on the views page.]

Please let your friends in the UK become aware of the dangers of Christian Aid's political agenda.

David Frankfurter

Content (c) 2004 David Frankfurter