A[nother probably too] Simple Solution
A[nother probably too] Simple Solution
… or if you prefer, with a nod to J. Swift
A Modest Proposal

People who have read some of my previous comments on the Arab war against Israel might remember that I like to find the simplest solution to what seems to be the problem. I hope that by doing this, in some way I might be able to emulate Noah, who was selected to save the world by virtue of his simplicity.
Let it be clear that any solution I might suggest will be, to the best of my humble abilities, in full compliance with Jewish Law and tradition.
Here, then, in the interests of simplicity and Halakhicly correct justice, is my proposal:

First I will cover the facts on the ground, as I see them:
1. Those who speak in the name of the "Palestinians" have repeatedly rejected any solution which would include the continued existence of any piece of land as a remnant of the "Zionist entity" on lands which they claim as Arab lands. Since this claim includes ALL of Israel, it is a demand that we cannot accede to. Because of this, we will have to offer a solution that will not make the "Palestinian" side completely happy. Despite this, my solution will try to help them and the rest of the world get at least some of what they want, while not denying Israel's existence.
Halakhicly we cannot end the existence of Israel. This principle is called NILI.
2. Those who speak in the name of the "Palestinians" have repeatedly rejected any solution which would not allow the "Palestinians" a contiguous land mass.
3. Over the entire history of the modern State of Israel a major issue has been the passage of family members across Israel for purposes of "family (re)unification."
4. The State of Israel has always had to deal with the problems of the "refugee camps" built and supported by UNRWA. This burden on the world organization grows from year to year and there has been no solution proposed to replace these "camps" with permanent housing, and reduce the UN budget in this area so that something can be done to preserve life in The Sudan, or other troubled areas of the world.
5. The Rabbis of Israel, (and many others throughout the world) have declared that observant Jews may not take part in uprooting Jews from their homes in Eretz Yisrael. These same Halakhic authorities also declare it to be unacceptable to "cede" any part of Eretz Yisrael. To be perfectly clear, most of these same authorities include YeSh"A as part of Eretz Yisrael.
6. The government of Israel, led by Arik Sharon, is committed to "disengagement."
7. The government of the United States has affirmed its support of the resettlement of large populations from Gaza as part of a "disengagement." This is an endorsement of "ethnic cleansing," clearly and undeniably.

Taking all of the above into account, I submit my solution. Please understand, I know that it is simple. I also know that this is not a complete solution and will not settle border issues, but remember that the Arik Plan also does not purport to solve everything.

Disengage from the "Palestinian" population in Gaza by removing the "Palestinian" population from Gaza. I believe that enough money has been allocated by the Knesset to allow the resettlement of these people to other places - not excluding PA controlled areas of Judea and Samaria - but also not limited to those areas. The United States government has already agreed to the ethnic cleansing of Gaza. Why shouldn't they agree to moving a different group to the same end? This will DeFacto end the "Refugee Camps" which have been a bane to the "Palestinians," Israel, and the UN.
This solution will allow for the (re)unification of those families who wish to live together and will end the need for a land bridge to connect a "Palestinian Entity" at the cost of the contiguity of the "Zionist Entity."
I am sure that the government of Egypt will give its tacit support to this proposal that will limit or end smuggling across the demarcation line.
This single act will also send a clear sign to all of those who support the "Palestinian Cause" that terrorism will not be rewarded, and that we will fight terrorism by uprooting its perpetrators.
This solution will decrease the need for crossing points from PA administered areas in the name of "family visits."
This unification of the now separated "Palestinian" population will also allow those "Palestinians" who have attempted to engage in commerce, to now engage in building an indigenous "Palestinian" economy.
As a final point, I believe that a "disengagement plan" that looks like this will allow Arik to change his name back to Ariel.

2004 Rabbi Haim Cassorla

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