A Note From Patrick Dempsey about his work
A Note From Patrick Dempsey about his work

By Patrick Dempsey

Also, so as not to cause offense I did ask Elie Wiesel, Yehuda Bauer and Deborah Lipstadt if my work could actually redress the indifference 'christianity' previously showed. They were all of the same mind, that I should proceed, marking with respect the Jews of the Holocaust and I have my 3rd Book due for Publication in the next few weeks, which I hope lives up to this ideal.

When asked why I continue to write about the Holocaust, my answer is simple;

"..how can I not write when we have yet to learn from it!"

There are certain answers which I regularly offer to suggest there is perhaps good that might have come from the Holocaust:-

1) The fact that it was not 11,000,000 Jews as Wannsee would have ordained;

2) The fact that the conscience of some has left its mark upon us; and

3) The State of Israel!

These three are not in any priotiry, though if the scale of the atrocity could be more reliably reduced, if we did not have to face the facts that 6,000,000 Jews were murdered, that would be my priority response. I suppose in truth I am bound to moral Judaism, as the Jews have so much we can learn from. In much the same way as Maximillian Kolbe did more than most of 'chrisendom' to retrive our total indifference; and though I could not swear to pass that ultimate test, I would stand ethically before God and state my loathing of all things anti-Semitic.

Maybe it is too easy for me to condemn those who Perpetrated the crimes, as it seems that this too readily rebounds on the Jews of the World. But condemn I do, and my Books have an e-Mail address which has invited fury, outrage, hatred and denial. Thankfully Jewish responses have been more than favourable.

But Jews too ask me, though differently, and perhaps what else can I say? I suppose I do not want the World of History to know only that 'christians' were hostile, indifferent and intolerant. Jews emerging from the Holocaust have the best way to show us forward. This world of ours is moribund, as a profit led, hatred driven and uncaring society cannot deliver the message of 6,000,000 Jews who simply sought a place in this world! .

I recently accused someone from Israel over the overgrown grave marking of Rudolf Kasztner. Thought a collaborator, though in fact a saviour of his own People, Jews! In Etty Hillesum's diary she too looks to save her Parents till last and given that Kasztner probably knew that all Jews would be eliminated, in your belief that saving a life is the world entire, how many worlds did Kasztner manage to save? Armed with what we know now, would we not deliver 10,000 Trucks for 1,000,000 Jews? In fact what would we not do to save 1 Jew. If I could go back and save Tokele, I would pay an ultimate price!

Patrick Dempsey

(c) 2005 Patrick Dempsey

Patrick Dempsey is a noted author on the subject of the Holocaust.

Reprinted by permission.