Important Memo on Holocaust Remembrance
Important Memo on Holocaust Remembrance

By Patrick Dempsey

It often appears to me that there can be no Remembrance of the Jews within
the Holocaust, or the very struggle for Jewish existence without the
Holocaust, unless reference is paid to all those other nationals murdered by
the Reich or by intolerances elsewhere. As an author on the Holocaust I am
heavily involved, each year, with the Holocaust Memorial Day and find this
anomaly strange.

Even the chosen slaughter of 33,771 Jews of Kiev at Babi-Yar must have its
gentile element. Like Elie Wiesel has said,

"not all victims were Jews, but all Jews were victims."

I think this sums it up adequately, without the need to dilute the very
efforts the Nazi's entered into to select Jews above all others. There must
be a case for simply remembering the Jews of the Holocaust?

Can we allow the Jews their grief, without referencing our own, especially
when that Jewish grief in history has been so marked, and the reference
point given as the Holocaust? Yet we insist that we suffered too? This
appears as a preponderance toward age old anti-Semitism, which has been the
commisssioning evil of civilisations chequered past.

Maybe in the dilution of the reference to the Jewish catastrophe we seek to
disguise 'christian' participation? Our inhumanity cannot be disguised so
easily! It almost appears as an attempt to deny the Jewish 'exclusivity'
within the Holocaust, while acknowledging that Jews as well as others were
indeed murdered.

But surely the case for remembering is that anti-Semitism holds the key to
all that we seek to learn from the Holocaust, and it is the hatred of the
Jewish Semite People that we wish to learn from in order to prevent other
atrocity's from happening. Already that is too late, but is that because we
have not chosen to reflect totally upon what was a Jewish Catastrophe
perpetrated by a wholly 'christian' community?

Maybe the lesson to be taught will emerge from the 'Shoah' of the Jewish
People, unless that proves too exclusive for the 'christian' community to

Patrick Dempsey

(c) 2005 Patrick Dempsey

Patrick Dempsey is a noted author on the subject of the Holocaust.

Reprinted by permission.