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Shimon Peres at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, January 28, 2005:
"Magic has returned to the mountain" because of a fresh approach by Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and newly elected Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas.
"I feel that we are again approaching a new age."
"I am encouraged by the election of Abbas in a convincing, democratic way."
"What surprised me is the implementation" of changes to foster peace talks.
"In a few days he changed the whole atmosphere in the Middle East."
Remember the "New Middle East" touted by Peres back in the '90s? It is amazing, after all that has happened in the last four years how little this man has learned.
OK, so Mahmoud Abbas (aka Abu Mazen) has deployed PA police in certain areas to try to restore order (or to keep things quiet for as long as it suits him). OK, so Abu Mazen has negotiated a Hudna (nothing more than a temporary cease-fire, during which the combatants may re-arm) with the terror organizations. OK, so Abu Mazen has torn down illegally built structures in Gaza. So what?
What has Abu Mazen done to start collecting weapons from the terror organizations? Nothing!
What has Abu Mazen done to stop the smuggling of weapons into Gaza via tunnels from Egypt? Nothing!
What has Abu Mazen done to stop anti-Israel, anti-Jewish incitement on Pa-controlled news media and TV? Nothing!
What has Abu Mazen done to close down the Kassam rocket factories? Nothing?
What has Abu Mazen done to remove the textbooks that teach hatred of Israel and Jews from the PA-controlled schools? Nothing!
Abu Mazen has not even mentioned doing any of these things in any of his public statements.
Anything Abu Mazen has done up until now is only a dog and pony show. We will know that he is serious when he starts rounding up weapons, stops weapons smuggling, puts an end to anti-Israel incitement in the schools, news media and TV and closes down the Kassam factories.
Until then, nothing has changed in the Middle East, and if Shimon Peres cannot face the truth, fine, but he should at least stop trying to pull the wool over OUR eyes.
"Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me."

Joel Block, 2005
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Joel Block is a long-time friend of Rabbi Cassorla and has lived in Israel since 1968

Reprinted by permission.