We've Heard all this before
We've Heard all this Before

By Angela Bertz

At about 3 pm this afternoon (August 31st 2004) two Palestinian monsters boarded two separate buses in the Southern Israeli town of Be'er Sheva. Almost simultaneously these two heinous creatures detonated an explosive belt, killing 16 people (so far) and wounding more than a hundred.

Ultra-orthodox volunteers will yet again perform the macabre task of scraping torn limbs and blown up body parts from the bus interior and surrounding sidewalk. This will allow the dead the dignity of a proper funeral. Strict Jewish law requires that the body should be buried whole.

While all this is going on we will have to listen to the same worn out rhetoric. It will be as if we were watching the same play for the hundredth time. As usual it will be heavily biased in a one-sided manner towards the Palestinians, conveying them as the tragic victims left with no other choice.

Therefore let me make this easy for you all.

Here it is!

The world's media will fall over themselves to use gentle and dignified terms for terrorists. They will refer to "Militants and Freedom Fighters". They will come up with popular words like "conflict" as if both sides held equal responsibility.

They will be quick to point out that this is the first attack in 6 months. There will be no mention of the scores that have been prevented, not just in the last 6 months but every week during that period.

They will make up sad tales of the "The Wall" splitting Palestinian families and destroying their farms.

They will talk of the desperation and grief of the poor plighted people.

They will be quick to add the sheer frustration and humiliation such measures has caused the poor Palestinians.

The media are unlikely to show any tortured scenes of carnage on the streets of Israel, as ambulances speed through the streets with the dying. Instead valuable air time will be wasted interviewing ghoulish members of Palestinian society who will be allowed to justify these acts in some manner to make them look almost heroic.

In fact let me give you just a little appetizer provided by Sky News.

"After 6 months the bombers are back in action"

Yasser Arafat will roll out of his Ramallah compound looking for all the world's press a figure of grim determination, oozing sincerity in English while he condemns this savage attack. As soon as the worlds press disperses this Noble Peace Price

Laureate will be skipping out the back door screaming "Jihad" in Arabic.

Chris Patten will crawl out of the EU to convey his own words of condemnation, backed by his useless team of investigators who are still claiming to have found no evidence of aid money being used for terrorism.

Kofi Annan, with the backing of dozens of tin pot dictator nations will speed out of that den of iniquity the UN and like a worn out record will refer to "The cycle of violence".

Suha Arafat will peek out from behind the silk curtains of her luxury Paris suite, talking of the heavy burden carried by her husband and that everything is Israel's fault. She will then bemoan the fact that the average Palestinian woman in Gaza has no idea of the dilemmas she faces now that the summer sales are over.

Prime Minister Sharon will call an emergency meeting of the cabinet as if the Palestinians had anything more to fear than the bombing of a few empty buildings. They know full well that the reward of disengagement will go ahead as planned.

The Norwegian government together with the very generous New Zealand government will offer a 12 billion dollar package to ease the suffering of the Palestinians.

The Body Shop will call for one day's profits to be awarded to the Palestinians, bringing their plight to the eyes and ears of an uncaring world.

We've heard all this before.

Why should this tragedy in Israel be any different?

Angela Bertz – Israel

Angela Bertz - Israel


Reprinted by permission.