A Letter to President George W. Bush

A Letter to President George W. Bush

23 February, 2005

Rabbi Haim Cassorla
3580 Pall Mall Drive #1603
Jacksonville, FL 32257

The Hon. George W. Bush
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
Washington, DC

23 February 2005

Mr. President:

I would like an explanation of your recently stated policy declaring an intention of creating a “Palestinian” Arab State consisting of Judea, Samaria, and Gaza. The further declaration made by Secretary Rice, and repeated by you in Belgium that the state to be created must be contiguous, is to say the least irrational.

Are you and the Secretary of State declaring that it is the intention of your policy to create a discontinuous Israel so as to make a contiguous Palestine? It would seem so by your utterance in Belgium, to wit, "A state of scattered territories will not work."

I have supported you and later your administration from the beginning of your campaign for the office of the President to this point in time. It is no longer possible to believe that you are a “friend of the State of Israel,” or a “supporter of Israel’s right to exist within secure borders” while your administration speaks of a “contiguous” Arab State for the Arab Palestinians.

I am willing to understand that in geo-politics there are no “friends,” only interests. I further understand that as President of the United States, the “interests” of the United States must always be paramount in your mind. However, I would suggest to you, sir, that you consider the effect on the long-term interests of the United States if you reaffirm the long standing policy of abandoning client states in an effort to gain prestige with others.

In the long run, sir, I believe that you will be able to understand that the “Palestine” that you are trying to create is and will be a terrorist and terrorist sponsoring state. The sham election conducted by the PA elected a terrorist who promised not to arrest terrorists, or disarm terrorists. Abu Mazen has allowed the Islamic courts to execute Arabs in Gaza for the “crime” of “collaboration with Israel” after his election. The PA continues to indoctrinate the children in PA controlled areas with hatred of Jews and America, and a love of and desire for death as a “Shahid.”

In the short run, sir, you have continued a long-standing policy of the United States of bringing the Arabs to a “table” and demanding a “show of good faith” from the Sovereign State of Israel as a first step. Sadly, sir, time after time Israel has made those first steps and they have never been answered.

Mr. President, it is absolutely, totally impossible to create a “contiguous Palestinian State” without slicing Israel into at least two parts. There is no way that an Arab State can be constructed in PA controlled areas and make Judea and Samaria connect with Gaza unless your “roadmap” includes a “non-contiguous Israel.”

Mr. President, I urge you not to abandon the only democracy in the Middle East on a long-shot attempt to settle a war which has been raging for nearly a century; a problem which cannot be solved as long as one of the parties to the conflict does not believe in any solution other than the total destruction and dissolution of the other party. Please understand, sir, that I am not speaking of a conflict between the State of Israel and the so-called “Palestinian People.” I am speaking about the war against the Jews and all who ally with them even temporarily, by the tribalist states of the Middle-East and their allies throughout the world.

This is the “War Against The Terrorists” that the United States is engaged in. As Usama Bin Laden has said over and over, this is a “global Jihad against the Jews and the Crusaders.” When you sell Israel down the river, I suggest that you carry an umbrella on your arm and declare that “there will be peace in our time.”

Shalom, Berakha, VeTova

Rabbi Haim Cassorla




cc: Dr. Condoleezza Rice, Secretary of State





2005 Rabbi Haim Cassorla and Joel Block

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