When Does The Hug-In Begin?

By Arlene Peck

I have a friend, Shila, who always manages to find herself in relationships with men who "drink a little too much" or are always coming up a day late or a dollar short. Yet, despite my telling her that you cannot make a silk purse from a sow's ear, she finds the silver lining in their lack of character.

The reason I mention this now folks, is that England has always had such a welcoming attitude to her Muslim immigrants too. In fact, they had such a warm, huggy relationship with "the immigrants" that everyone thought Britain was immune from Islamist violence, because of its more than acceptable behaviour toward Muslims who live within her borders. In fact, long before the recent horror of the bombings, Britain had allowed itself to become a breeding ground for hate.

London, especially, embraced these migrants from the Arab world. They believed in the Islamic "Covenant of Security", a Koranic notion that it is wrong for a Muslim, who receives the protection of a host country, to kill the inhabitants of that country. From their experiences, Israel, Lebanon, and a host of other countries could tell them differently.

None of this seems to have had the desired effect on the British who, in their willingness to offer asylum, have helped raise money and even recruit supporters from amongst the disaffected Muslim youth, enabling them to go off and fight in other places.

Muslims make up 9% of the city's population and the attacks occurred near districts where they are concentrated. Now, these same "peaceful Muslims" living in Britain are concerned that the recent "incident" just might upset the delicate balancing act they have been performing all these years. I hope it turns out to be a wake-up call; that roaches must be exterminated and not embraced. As of this writing, there has been little public discussion on the need to alter Government foreign or domestic policy and take stronger measures to do anything to change the situation.

In fact, what has Egypt done in response to the death of their high official recently? Maybe they are waiting for the geniuses who live in Hollywood to come out with their solutions, such as Richard Gere, who was quoted as saying about the terrorist. "If you can think of the terrorists as a relative who's dangerously sick, and we have to give them medicine and the medicine is love and compassion. There is nothing better." Later he continues about the "negative Karma". Lord, save me from the politically correct who cannot call a roach a roach.

Which brings me to another interesting observation from that long-time bastion of Anti-Semitism, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), the world famous media giant, whose reporters never met a killer terrorist in Israel . All they ever encountered were "activists", "freedom fighters" or that colourful word, "militants". So it was with delight that I notice they have changed their long-time stance, after the horrors these vermin caused the good people of London, and told it like it was.

Throughout the day, the BBC actually used phrases like "Terror security is stepped up" and "Rail travel hit by terror attacks." In fact, when it hit home, these English media outlets, who previously had never met an Arab, especially a "Palestinian", they could not hug, have actually brought themselves to call the deadly attacks against their very own civilians TERRORISM!

Golly, now that they have seen the damage that their good Muslim neighbours have done, on their front porches, do you think that in the future, they might have a change of heart? I wonder what happens if the security fence in Israel, that they have been clamouring to have torn down, isn't able to stop Palestinian Islamic terrorist and, once again, we see the horror of Israeli lives being taken and limbs torn from bodies by this 9th century mentality. Will they revert to their old labelling of Palestinians who do such things as "freedom fighters" and "militants"?

I can recall an incident in 2001, involving the slaughter of 26 Israelis in Jerusalem and Haifa. When reporting on this Palestinian atrocity the BBC COULD NOT use the word "terror" or even describe the horror in their account BUT they managed to insert the word, "terror" in a headline describing retaliatory Israeli raids in Gaza!

I wonder, now that terror has set up shop on their front porch if, in their efforts to remain objective, they will continue to describe the barbaric creatures who do these things as "perpetrator", "bomber", "attacker", "gunman", "kidnapper", "insurgent" or that old time favourite, "militant activist", who must be understood.

I think the large Muslim population in England might just be getting a little apprehensive about now, as to what the response of their former benefactors might be. London resident Adel Ali, the son of a retired Kuwaiti general, was quoted as saying, "We are worried about the people, who have lost their families, that they will see all Arabs as a terrorist group." Well, duh, how could that be?

Maybe, instead of being worried, this might be an opportune time for just a few of the millions of Arabs who are living there, to organize a Muslim "Million Man March". They can do it. We have, after all, become used to seeing them raging through the streets in their masks, fists upraised, urging Jihad. Only this time, wouldn't it be lovely to see them speaking out regarding how they DO want to be seen: how they reject being represented this way?

Yeah, marching through the streets of London giving support to those they killed and carrying signs, saying, "This is not the dysfunctional way we want you to see us" or "People who behead other people are 7th century... we don't agree." Anyway, you get the idea. And, you know something? I will make a bet that it's never going to happen. Because, this is exactly how they want to be seen. Moreover, this is exactly what this "peaceful culture" of 1.3 billion people has become.

Doesn't matter anyway. We never seem to learn. For the moment, everyone is outraged over the latest actions and everyone wants to run out and stop them. Yet, when it comes to Israel, it's always a double standard. That illustrious Group of Eight Industrial Nations, knowing full well that the money they designate will probably go to rearming the PLO thugs, have voted to give a collective $9.Billion dollars to the Palestinian Authority over three years. It didn't even occur to them to go to Shua Arafat's private vaults and collect any of the 8-11 BILLION dollars that she stashed away. Americans, don't you feel better knowing how your tax dollars are being spent?

Maybe the fine people of Britain might want to face their recent wake-up call and analyse the results of their encouraging the Islamic radicals who have found a haven in London - Instead of coddling terrorists such as Saad Faqih. This man, the head of the London-based Saudi opposition group "Movement for Islamic Reform in Arabia", who anywhere else would be jailed, lives happily in London and has a thriving radio show. They might consider jailing them. You can't serve as a catalyst and welcoming mat for the likes of Al Qaeda and not have to pay for it somewhere down the line. Maybe someone ought to remind them of the Aesop's tale about the scorpion who wanted to cross over the river. He promised a gullible fellow traveller, a frog I think it was, that he would never bite him if he helped him cross over.. yet, when they reached the other side, he bit his benefactor and killed him. Before dying, the good frog said, "Why did you do that? I saved your life." The scorpion looked at him and said, "I'm a scorpion. That's what I do!"

Arlene Peck

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