Wow! Even Arabs Fake it!

Wow! Even Arabs Fake it!

By Arlene Peck

For years, I have heard there really are women who fake orgasms. I wonder if faking enthusiasm is the same. Because, folks, I am a woman, who is having trouble even faking a flicker of enthusiasm for the leadership we have in this country. But, today? I haven’t a clue. I consider myself neither a Republican nor a Democrat. I’m certainly not a Green, a Libertarian or a Peace party follower as any of these are votes that do not count. Does that make me sort of a donkey that is neither a mule nor a horse? Like so many out there now, I am confused. Lately though, I have begun to feel like a lovelorn old maid who never had a date for the prom. I am looking for leadership and feel like one of those lounge lizards who is looking for love in all the wrong places.

Our Jewish organizations are looking for love by pouring money …money such as the millions raised in the United Jewish Communities Emergency Campaign that was supposed to go to the Jewish Agency but instead went to Arabs in Israel. I couldn‘t believe it and still can't! To Arabs who want the Jews of Israel dead? The Left find it fitting because they cop the plea that “Israel is a democracy” so the funds for restoring the north should be handed out in a “democratic fashion” to these moronic anti-Zionist? ? They have used much of the $3,000,000 to send a lot of non-Jewish children, mainly Arabs, to camp. Why am I surprised? The same thing happens here, in this country when people give to the Federation and they call for my donation with the lead-in.. “Let me tell you about our inter-faith program” and then proceed to preach to me on the benefits of the Hispanic and black programs they have. When did Hispanics and blacks ever give back to Jews? Never, as far as I can tell. It’s gotten to the point where I can’t stand it anymore.

Never thought I would see the day when I disliked everyone running my government or aspiring to high office so much that I dread a trip to the polls. Me! Arlene Peck, woman who in her entire life has never missed a chance to vote!

Let's focus on Israel and her various "goings-on". While keeping the faith when it came to the decisions Israel made, I have now come to a point when nothing they do makes any sense. In retrospect, frankly, I think that the last time I trusted the “powers that be” was when Yitzhak Shamir was running Israel . Now, I shake my head in amazement at the mentality or lack of it that is seemingly running things. For instance, Gaza is once again receiving massive amounts of anti-tank missiles to be used against Israel. If that weren’t enough, the Hamas terror organization recently ordered and received Soviet-made SA-7 surface-to-air missiles. What are the Israelis going to do? Wait until they fall onto a Tel Aviv dicso before doing something? Now would be the time to have an offensive but, naw..they’ll wait. In the meanwhile, the terror group Hezbollah are busy little bees using their broadcaster TV station, Al Manar, to recruit homicide bombers, have fund-raising campaigns to gather money for terrorist operations, conduct pre-attack surveillance and oh, did I mention, incite violence in various ways. Hamas is not far behind. However, who in the liberal media is paying attention to any of this? Do they even care?

Frankly, I don’t give a diddly-squat about public opinion and press approval anymore anyway. I care about survival ! Lapsing into denial isn’t going to help. Bush and Olmart and Peres can praise their “road-map’ to peace all they want if they don’t want to realize that this is a culture that wants to kill us.. .everyone who is not them! Not only the Jews! They are gearing up for the next war and have no doubt, the next war is coming. However, I"m afraid they're so busy trying to win the hearts and minds of everyone that the issue of survival will get lost along the way.

TRANSFER is something that should already be in the making. When there is a cancer, and Gaza is a cancer, it has to be cut out. Holistic measures by negotiation and hugs aren’t the answer.

And, then if something is finally done with Israel’s weird penchant for apologizing for even things they didn’t do, they’ll rush to have a press conference and say, “we’ve been bad”. Hell, I “almost” don’t even have the energy to say I told you so with issues like “the security wall” that Israel built to the tune of raging protest and resolutions in the United Nations and the EU and voices against them in The Hague.

That topic has died down though. Not because it was instrumental in stopping homicide bombers from entering their malls, restaurants, busses and schools to kill Jewish children. Why? Because we, in the United States, are chomping at the bit to start building a fence on our Southwestern border to stop the onslaught of illegal aliens invading our country into Arizona and California every day. China has already erected a massive fence along its border with North Korea India on its borders with Pakiastan, Saudi Arabia next Yemen and so on. You probably didn’t even know about those though, as not even anyone from the liberal left are out there protesting.

I am not alone. Even in Israel, the Arab residents of Judea and Samaria are faking terror attacks. By carrying weapons or bringing knives to IDF checkpoints, they hope to be arrested. Then, they will have the opportunity to study in peace for a high school diploma and it is all free! I’m tired of hearing fake stories about ‘massacres’ instead of the truth being told about the battles that caused these deaths. The Main Stream media (MSM) and our State Department obviously don’t get it or don’t want to realize that the conflicts that Israel is constantly pushed into would be over much faster if the Jewish State were as barbaric as their Arab Muslim enemies and used civilians as shields instead of having the concern for civilians and non-combatants that they do.

The Arabs have long faked ‘oppression’ by the IDF. I have seen dozens of films documenting the fake damages that the poor deprived Palestinians suffer at the hands of “The Jews”. What I find really disturbing about that topic is that the Jews are losing their Jewish identity at a rapid rate. The Jewish High Holidays came and went and I was astounded at how many around me either were either not aware, did not care and never even bothered to go to synagogue. The way I see it, since there are many out there who want to kill you because you are Jewish, you might as well know what you are dying for.

I have given up in crying out to the Liberal Left and preaching to those on the Right, that Bush is not the friend of Israel that they think he is. I cannot tolerate stupidity. Jews, a minuscule dot in the world census, have made and continue to make an enormous contribution to the benefit of humankind as reflected by the dozens and dozens of Noble Prizewinners. We excel in medicine, arts, science, and political science, among others, yet are blind to the dangers that face us. US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, Bush’s mouthpiece, made a speech at the American Task Force of Palestine’s inaugural dinner in Washington . The world clapped when she stated, “There could be no greater legacy for America than to help to bring into being a Palestinian state.” This, folks, gives me shivers when the so-called Palestinians go all out to prove themselves to be the most overtly pro-jihad, terrorist society in history and no one in our government is willing to see reality for what it is. These “people” are clearly evil, genocidal and terrorists, whether active in Fatah, Force 17, or a supporter . Yet Dubya and Condi see no evil and hear no evil but speak evil. It brings back shades of Neville Chamberlain. Yet, where are the cries from either the Jewish or the Christian communities (other than the Zionist Organization of America), for that matter fighting against what is the beginning of the end of the Jewish State?

As a matter of fact, where are the marches and strong actions which need to be taken by the Israeli government? I have long been lamenting how there are, in my opinion, no “moderate” Muslims. If there were, we would be seeing at least fifty of them out of 1.4 BILLION, marching and shouting at demonstrations that theirs is NOT a violent and dysfunctional culture . But silent they remain. We should be hearing that theirs is not a sick society that beheads people and does not represent them. The so-called moderates say nothing because they are either too terrified to speak or living in the squalor of apathy.

Silence is not golden and in their case, it is evil and destructive to their people.
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Arlene Peck

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