Taking Away My Mascara is WAR!

Taking Away My Mascara is WAR!

By Arlene Peck

For year, I have been writing that there is a whole evil culture out there called “Islam” which wants to kill everybody who is not them. Like a mantra, I’ve repeated over and over, “Israel is the canary in the mine and these crazed maniacs don’t give a diddly-squat about “Land for Peace.” Nor do they have a desire to live “as neighbors, with Israel side by side.” The Arab interpretation of “peace” is far from our Western understanding: “Side by side” to them means, “Drive Israel into the sea” That is non-negotiable, an a prior condition before they set their sights on the rest of the world to conquering  and  forcing all people into submission to Islam . Even now, as they burn churches and synagogues across the world, here on every corner of   mainstream America,  mosques are popping up in their place as fast as you can say, “Where’s the Wal-Mart

If you don’t believe me, then where are the protest of any of these 1.4 billion servants of Mohammad who aren’t in agreement with the latest terrorists  plot to blow up a dozen or so  airplanes  leaving Great Britain for the U.S.A?  The only protest that I have seen was an article  about some Arab group protest  against ‘racial profiling’ at airports or seaports.


 Also, speaking of protest why do these savages have to wear a black mask over their heads when they go out for the evening to kill, rape and plunder? What’s that all about?  As a child growing up in the South,  I remember seeing the KKK marching on the street wearing those dunce hats.  This must be a similar mentality. And, you can’t negotiate with this culture of dementia. All they understand is power.. overwhelming force. When the school bully gets hit harder than he can hit, he backs down. Gawd, when did America become an appeaser? Finally though, I think that the American public is getting the message. Al-Queda is not “over there”.   It is  in our suburbs and towns. Dearborn Michigan is only a bomb away.   


Further, rather than showing remorse, Nihad Awad, executive director of the Council on American- Islamic Relations advocacy group complained at a news conference about President Bush’s use of the term “Islamofascist” He continued, “We believe that it is counterproductive to associate Islam or Muslims with fascism.” He was kidding. Right?


Actually no. He then said, “We ought to take advantage of these incidents to make sure that we do not start a religious war against Islam and Muslims.” Mr. Awad’s finale was, “We urge him (Bush) and we urge other public officials to restrain themselves.”


Wouldn’t it have been lovely, if maybe instead of veiled threats, they took advantage of this opportunity to state at a press conference that they were planning  a massive rally planned to show that this “peaceful culture” was speaking out against terrorists behaviour.  Far from demonstrating their identification with our  society, the only” protest” has been from some Arab groups concerning “racial profiling” Wouldn’t it have been an amazing sight if any adhernets of this “religion of peace” who live in our country marched carrying American flags.




 Well, folks, I have a theory.  I believe the thought that while not all Muslims are terrorists….  All terrorists are Muslims.   Asian schoolchildren at the airport do not need to be checked. Middle-aged American women do not have a history of hijacking airplanes for Jihad.  I don’t  think Southern Baptist on holiday need to have all that much scrutiny.  However, maybe it's time to start profiling. I don’t know about you, but , when I get on a plane nowadays, I’m not watching  members of any nationality of any other than Arab men and women between the ages of 14  and  60. I am particularly watching anybody with a tablecloth on their head. I’m not apologetic if the feelings of  an  Arab is bruised. I am sorry that they belonged to such a moronic and evil culture.  The airlines are adjusting though. I was told that when they land in Saudi Arabia, they are announcing "Please set your clocks back a thousand years." 



 In factI think that maybe it's time for a national ID card. How about not allowing Arabic "students" into the country? How about attaching GPS tracking devices (at their expense of course) to all those students  who might just  fit the terrorist profile.  Better yet, don't let them  have student visas in the first place.  


Which reminds me?  Nobody was even interested in writing their Congressmen or protesting very much when the terrorists blew up  targets in Madrid, London, Bali   or any of the other countries with exploding Muslim populations around the world.  Nor, have I heard too much lately, about how this primitive culture has managed to trash western economies.


 Vaguely though, I recall that the Iraq war was going to be financed by their oil?  Yeah, right.  That plan did not have a chance:  mismanagement, waste, and outright fraud saw to that.   We, dear readers will be paying for it for generations to come. While those most guilty live in palatial Mediterranean palaces, built by oil money. Corruption and UN influence and from where they continue to fund insane theocratic despots like Iran , and through it, terrorism across the world.


This culture has managed, via anti-American organizations like CAIR and the ACLU, to use our legal system to sue us, silence us, and sanction us! It has neutralised investigation with intimidation. The last time I wrote about them, I was labelled a “hate speech writer” by Google and one of my publishers, “The New Media Journal” was taken off the Google news search.



The list of savage  acts of  war  caused  by the Islamic Muslims is enormous.  The  most recent planned terror attack originating in London just might be the straw that calls attention to what we are facing...  We, as a nation are a spoiled bunch of naïve people. But, we have become pretty de-sensitized watching  nightly bombings, ambushes, beheading, mutilations,  and terror attacks in any of the countries where the Muslims have managed to dig a hole into society and take root  with their  multiple wives and dozens of children  are being  raised  to glorify “Jihad” and Death.  Their religion is based on domination and  forced submission actual studies show that in this so-called 'peaceful religion' 37% of them are "Jihadiis"  I suppose that is the answer why there aren't any marches protesting their disgusting actions as they believe in what these terrorists are attempting to do.

However, now that we are seeing first hand that our expensive perfumes and face creams cannot be taken on board  in carry-on: nor can my daughter, with her new baby, take a bottle on board when they  travel to  a high school reunion without having to taste it.   The global war against Islamic terrorism is finally getting our attention.  True, I have known for several years thatwe,have to wake up and realize that there is no way, except overwhelming  force, to defeat a seventh century mentality whose entire culture is based on  death, hatred, and  destruction .  Nothing has gotten my attention more than when I was packing a suitcase today and realized that I  couldn’t even pack my mascara, because it would be confiscated. The same for my toothpaste and cell phone! Taking away our makeup might be just enough to show them the power of AARP!  Pretty soon we're going to have to travel to the airport naked in order to comply with the restrictions Islam has set up for us. 


Look what these people have put us through: What “accommodating " and “tolerating” Islam has put us through.  Our  every day lives have been changed, probably forever,  even down to  not being allowed to  carry  our Starbucks coffee.   Our every  day  lives have  been  changed for the worst because  of this Islamic culture of dementia.  Look at the news! The morning paper! Pageare filled with horror stories cause by one religion!  I remember when the latest fashions coming out of Paris were  newsworthy. Now? The news out of Paris is about their recent riots caused by  their home-grown Islamic youth.


I grew up down south  where it was friendly. Everyone said "Hi' to those who passed. Now, we're on the lookout for who might be carrying a bomb. Our schools are searched and every public event has people at the door checking to see  that  bombs and guns aren't brought into the  venue . They have destroyed not only our economy, but our trust. Thanks so much, Islam.



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