The Islamists Are Content to Battle Us 'One Slice at a Time'

The Islamists Are Content to Battle Us

'One Slice at a Time'

By Arlene Peck

My mother, Queen Mollie, once told me when I was a kid, “There are four words I want you to take out of the English language.  Those are ‘ought,’ ‘should,’ ‘fair,’ and ‘equitable’ cause, darlin’, life isn’t always the way it oughta or shoulda be.”  For sure, it's rarely fair or equitable.

I first noticed this when I was in Beirut in June of ’82 with the Israel Defense Force as a journalist.  I went over there as a typical naïve American thinking that we would see some fighting.  However, it did not take me long to realize that the Islamic mentality that with which we were dealing was founded on terror.  Their version of fighting was sniper warfare and bombing.  It goes along with their mentality that I was told is based in the Koran: that the way to defeat an enemy (and, let there be no mistake, this barbaric mentality lives by the attitude that the death of everyone who is not one of them is necessary) is to strike, one slice at a time.  One slice may not harm their quarry, but after 2,000 slices, they leave victorious.  

That has been the method that they have been using against my government in Iraq with their constant roadside bombings and land mines.  It matters not that our soldiers arrive there as mean, lean fighting machines; they almost never see the enemy.  The enemy slinks in the background with their heads covered in black like the roaches that they are.  By the way, what is that all about?  They remind me of the old KKK who walked around in dunce hats.  Anyway, this savage enemy never fights in a fair or equitable manner or the way they oughta or shoulda.

Israel, as it is well known, though not acknowledged by the E.U., U.N.  and much of  the mainstream media, has been living under a barrage of “one slice at a time” from  a multitude of surrounding enemies who regularly lob Katushas and Kassams across Israel’s border.  The world is and has been aware for many years of this deplorable situation that Israel has been forced to live under.  Yet, the hatred for the Jewish state is so great that it has become ‘normal’ to expecIsrael to adhere to a different standard of behavior than that is expected of the terrorists who attack them.  The EU, UN and all the Arab and Muslim states do what they always do, call for and get another emergency session to condemn Israel. 

Enough of worrying about what the EU, UN and the rest of the anti-Semites think or the pressure they exert.  I sometimes think that they are still wistful that they were not able to finish the job under their watch in the 40's.  Each condemnation, in my opinion, furthers their effort to rectify what they started; sort of on-going sour grapes for having started something they could not finish.

Worse, in the usual pattern, whenever Israel is on the verge of real victory against their many enemies, my President and State Dept. begin to send the message: “show restraint.”  For some reason, it is OK for us, when attacked, to go and bomb the hell out of whomever we think caused the attack.  Yet, when Israel does the same, we sabotage their effort.  This time, though, Israel must stay strong and finish the job!  And, they must not take any prisoners to be later used as a concession in yet another one of those mass releases of jailed murderers.  The terrorists should be killed...period!  In fact, these terrorists, when caught, should be buried in nameless graves alongside and hugging a very large pig so they can't be made into martyrs 

There should be no terrorists left so that Israel can’t be forced to open the jails at a later date in order to trade them.  These are not soldiers that we are fighting in Iraq.  Nor are they soldiers who are bombing the homes and schools in Israel.  The Geneva and Hague Conventions do not apply to these savages who roam the streets wearing masks and shooting guns in the air while trolling for someone to kidnap and behead.  Normal rules don't apply.  The Islamic culture has never abided by the rules of war… or peace and their word means nothing.  It never has.

What is the point of a settlement with those who live by a religion that encourages them to lie or instructs them that any agreement made with the infidel can be broken whenever it is convenient to do so?  Israel has learned a lesson that we, in the United States, have not yet realized.  Iran signed the nuclear nonproliferation treaty and now?  They expect bribes to keep their word; and even if they get the bribes, they won't live up to those commitments either!  They do understand: kill rather than capture.  Especially when it's their Imams who preach this hate and their leaders who carry out the orders!

Our country has not learned that this is a religion of terrorists that will live in a heavily civilian population and explode their rockets and grenades, within their neighborhood, aiming to kill and maim our soldiers.  Then, once out of ammo and surrounded, they run out waving a white flag with the number of their local CAIR in their pocket to call and demand their release because they has been 'abused."  

Israel understands that this vermin doesn't deserve legal status.  Since the United States had conferred legal status upon these terrorists, they live in our prisons better than they've ever had it in their caves, with three hot meals and a cot to sleep in. So, now Israel understands the enemy and must be allowed to do what has to be done; with help, preferably, from the rest of the world - that will never come.  But, they must not be forced by those who do not wish them well, to abide by the rules of war that do not apply to these barbarians.  Nor should the US be forced to apply such rules in Iraq, as we are not fighting an army but terrorists.

Instead of George W. Bush standing strong against our common enemy, he has made it known that fifty million in our tax dollars will be sent to the Palestinians as “humanitarian aid."  Moreover, Bush has promised the president of Lebanon that he would begin to restrain Israel from causing them any more damage to the Lebanese government or infrastructure.  Gawd...what message does this send to Hezbollah, Hamas, Iran, Syria and the rest of those ghouls?  

Would he do that if New York were being attacked by hundreds of rockets on a daily basis as the Jewish state has been?  Of course not!  What kind of leadership is it when our government knows that the ties between Hezbollah, Teheran and Damascus are well documented?  Correct me if I am wrong, but Israel is now fighting Hezbollah, which has headquartered itself in Lebanon.  They are our mutual enemy yet the press reports, "For now, Bush is letting Israel defend themselves."  Why are we not doing more than "letting Israel defend themselves?"


For once, I truly hope that Israel remembers its objectives and sticks to them.  I have written many columns about transfer.  Now would be the perfect opportunity to be rid of the enemy from within.  They are well on their way toward eliminating the terrorist leadership in the PA and targeting the political terrorists who head the new Hamas government.  However, this is NOT enough!  No matter what pressure is placed upon Israel’s leaders, the tolerance for terrorism has to be zero.  The Arabs who stand on the rooftops in Israel, dancing and passing out candy after every Israeli Jewish death, have no business living there.  Their citizenship and voting rights should be revoked.  None of them has any business being part of the government of the Jewish state as they are now serving in the Knesset.  It is not their place to decide the map of Israel and I believe that immediate annexation of all territory in Judea and Samaria that is strategic and religious should be done!  For years, this “peace for pieces” philosophy has been chopping Israel up like salami.  Now is the time to correct that.

The Arab community in Israel has been given a free rein in building and lifestyle.  Transfer should be encouraged by strict enforcement of tax payments and force them to apply and pay for building permits, something a great many do not do today.  Those that have been built without them should be torn down.

And, they are allowed to avoid national service requirements.  To be considered Israeli, Israelis must serve the nation in various ways, the same as the other citizens of Israel.  Those that need financial help in moving to any of the other twenty-two nations of their Arab brothers should be helped.  Which reminds me, where are these same Arab brothers now in their offers to come to their aid?  Instead of the United States sending fifty million of my tax dollars, let the grossly wealthy Arab states chip in.

Poll after poll tells us that the Islamic community, especially those in Gaza, not only supports the homicide bombers by a large margin but also the destruction of Israel.  These are the same Arabs who are living inside Israel; only the address is different.  The only thing they agree on is how to recruit, finance, train, transport their bombs and murder Jews.  That they do in a collective manor.  When Israel refuses to hire them or support their livelihood...  Israel is accused of ''collective punishment."  The time has come to destroy them…not just punish them....

The anti Israel Los Angeles Times quoted a Hezbollah guard who was gloating how many hundreds of their followers were standing out of their offices begging to become martyrs in “suicide missions”.  He was quoted as saying, “This is the difference between us and them; They fear death and love life.  We are believers in another life, and we welcome death.  “Folks, it’s time to give them what they want!

Arlene Peck

About the Writer: Arlene Peck is an internationally syndicated columnist and television talk show hostess. She travels extensively worldwide, reporting on political events, social happenings (i.e. Cannes Film Festival, London event for the Variety Club, etc.) and "must see" spots. If there is a place to see and be seen, she'll write about it for her international audience. Arlene's syndicated column is read weekly by millions and her television show ("Wow! It's Arlene Peck!") can be seen throughout Southern California every Monday night. She is soon to be a weekly commentator in the national Jewish channel, Shalom TV. Listed in the 100 most influential Jewish women .

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