Rabbi Haim Cassorla Views ICJ
ICJ Rules Against Crown Heights Eruv

In a sweeping ruling against fences and walls and any combination of walls and fences around communities, the ICJ, in The Hague returned an Addendum to their original ruling of last week against the Israel security fence.
The ICJ has determined in the Special Addendum that the Crown Heights Eruv, the Los Angeles Eruv, the Monsey Eruv, and additional Eruvim named in the decision as "Eruv Doe 1 to 10,000," are all in violation of the human rights of groups who live outside the areas surrounded by the Eruvim.
According to the ICJ each and every Eruv deprives non-Jewish people "free access without humiliation" to "each and every one of those areas surrounded by these unlawful structures." The ICJ contends that the purpose of these structures is far beyond the stated "religious objectives" of the communities that erect them:

These structures are intended to separate the communities physically from "outsiders." While their stated purpose is to allow carrying within the confines of the areas so bounded during Holy Days, it is clear to this Court that the real purpose of these structures is to separate the community physically from "others." This separation is de jure an act of humiliation and hostility, and cannot be tolerated by this Court.

The ICJ has ordered that the communities who built these "illegal structures of shame," should agree to their voluntary dismantlement at the earliest, or face the severest sanctions in both the UN General Assembly and the Security Council. The ICJ also determined that the communities who built these "illegal structures" also pay reparations to any and all people who claim that they were offended and/or humiliated by them. Initial estimates put the total reparations well beyond 8 Billion Dollars.
Due to other points of tension, (see below), the French have already told the Arab League Representatives that they will support "the most extreme wording" that they wish to present. The United States Mission, reportedly still has no official comment on the decision, although it is rumored that the United States has officially notified Israel that "as part of a comprehensive Road Map to Peace in the Middle East, the United States will veto such a resolution, as long as Israel agrees to stop attacks against the French," (also below), otherwise the United States has threatened, it will merely abstain.
In addition to ruling against the Eruvim, the ICJ attached an "Appendix B" which denounced Israel's Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon as "a racist War Criminal" citing his invitation to the Jews of France to emigrate from France to Israel as an attempt to further the "ethnic cleansing of Europe started by the National Socialists in Germany prior to World War II." The ICJ noted that Jews have "been persecuted in France since Medieval times" and that there was no reason to "attempt to deprive the French of this long-standing cultural institution."
In Appendix B the ICJ also claimed that Israel's actions was a poorly camouflaged attempt to undermine Palestinian sovereignty by increasing the Jewish population in the "occupied territories" by any means whatever.

When a CNN reporter caught up with the Prime Minister and asked for his comments, Prime Minister Sharon said in heavily accented English, "I agree with the sentiment expressed so well by the Vice President of the United States as quoted on the floor of the Senate."

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