Rabbi Haim Cassorla Views President Bush

President George W. Bush Lied To Us


But I Forgive Him

President George W. Bush, the President of the United States of America has lied to us from the beginning of this war to the present day. I forgive him, as you should, because his lie is justified Halakhicaly. Already you can see that I am not jumping on the bandwagon being driven toward the brink by the two Johns. I will start with where he is not lying, and has not ever lied to us, and then I will tell you the horrible truth that George W. Bush may not speak.

  1. Saddam Hussein was a grave, serious, immediate threat to the United States and the world. The Ba'athist regime in Iraq and its leader, the Dictator, Saddam Hussein was a supporter of terrorists and other terrorist regimes throughout the world. Not only has it been proven post the downfall of Saddam, that his regimes had several meetings and gave some aid to members of Al Qaieda, but Saddam regularly wrote checks to compensate "martyrs" of the intefada. The organizations and the resident Arabs within and without the State of Israel all mourned the fall of Saddam Hussein. These people named and still name their children after Saddam Hussein. They received payments of large sums of money in checks signed by Saddam Hussein thanking them for sending their children to commit homicide/suicide. Saddam Hussein was a patron of Hamas, and other terrorist groups.
  2. Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. The record of Saddam's production is clearly written in "his own handwriting." In the reports submitted to the United Nations Saddam recorded in great detail how much of each chemical and biological agent he had in stores within Iraq. In the highly bureaucratic paranoid world of Ba'athist Iraq, Saddam had records of everything. His record keeping was meticulous and included videographic recording of beatings and other tortures imposed upon "enemies" of the State. Saddam Hussein, near the end told the UN that he destroyed these weapons and had no record of their destruction. Since the war that deposed Saddam Hussein, we have found several chemical weapons. Please note that there were several reliable reports of chemical weapons shells used against coalition forces. Those opposition to the war insist that three shells containing ricin wich when fired didn't disperse the deadly poison don't constitute "chemical weapons." Whatever is found on the ground and whatever is proven "without a reasonable doubt" to have existed, or to exist is shrugged off by the opposition. There are credible reports that just prior to the war which deposed Saddam, he shipped large quantities of equipment, armaments, and weapons systems to Syria "for safe keeping in trusted hands."
  3. Saddam Hussein participated with Muammar Khaddafi in the development of the "Arab Bomb" in a secret site in Libya. Saddam's participation in this program is well documented in documents partially released by Libya and the United States. It is recorded that Saddam Hussein funded the development of site in a hollowed out mountain in Libya, and that Saddam's engineers participated in the design of every aspect of the site now being dismantled by agreement with Muammar Khaddafi. Tons of equipment have already been removed from the site and delivered for burial in the United States.
  4. Saddam Hussein "most likely" was engaged in an attempt to purchase "yellow cake uranium" from Niger. The verification of this information was released in the 9/11 Commission Report, based on the original report from the person who went to Niger to investigate. That same American diplomat later wrote a book in which he claimed that he knew the "President was lying" in the State of the Union Message. But he never officially recanted his original report. His original report stated categorically that emissaries from Saddam Hussein had been in Niger and there was no other plausible reason for this mission than to negotiate the sale of yellow-cake to Iraq.

So when did the President of the United States lie to us? And why?

The President has said on several occasions, "this is not a Religious War."

Our enemy has declared time and again that this "is a Religious War" and that we are the target of that War as long as we do not submit to [their own interpretation of "True"] Islam. We are the Crusaders and deserve to die. We are the cause of the acts against us. We are doomed to lose this war unless we submit to the "Will of Allah" as they preach it. The war is a Jihad, a holy war in defense of Islam, and all who do not follow the narrow interpretation of the Holy Q'ran as interpreted by the Wahabi sect, are infidels and worthy of death.
Who are the infidels? The infidels are Jews, Christians, Buddhists, and any other non-Muslim believes, and any other people, including but not limited to, storekeepers in Iraq who sell alcoholic beverages, western music, short skirts, and anything else that these people determine undermine "true Islamic practice." This war is integral to the beliefs of the Wahabis. The Wahabi sect of Islam is the State Religion of "our friend" Saudi Arabia. This is "a Religious War," and you should have not doubt about it. It is "a Religious War" because the enemy has declared that it is; just as much as it would be a "gun fight" even if only one side had guns.
When the attack against the Spanish commuter train was accomplished, the official statement of responsibility claimed that among the reasons that the attack was perpetrated, was the "expulsion of the Moslems from Spain in 1492" and that they would continue to attack the Spanish until the entire Iberian peninsula was returned to Arab rule.
The sooner we come to terms with these ideas, the safer we will be, and the more likely we will be to survive with more of our cherished pre-9/11 lifestyle intact. Be assured that we have already been changed by the war in ways that will irrevocably change our lifestyle from what we remember before 9/11.
Throughout history, every attack against civilization by marauding barbarians takes its toll on civilization. Every attack changes civilization, and sadly, historically, the marauding barbarians almost always win; at least the first round. If you plan to live several hundred years, though, there is good news. The marauding barbarians eventually become quite civilized, and intermingle their civilization with the defeated civilization. This is a cultural hybridization bringing new blood into the mainstream of world history, not just at the level of cultural development, but also at the level of variety in the gene pool. That, however, as I said previously will occur within the next several hundred years after a worldwide victory for Wahabi Islam.
If you are not willing to submit to that, then you must fight. You must fight. You may not relent, and you should probably adopt an aggressive posture and not a defensive posture. These people are our enemies. They want to kill us and destroy our way of life. If history is a reliable witness, (and I am not talking about 1,000 years ago, but rather about Bosnia and Sudan), they will kill you and your children in front of your wife and then rape your wife repeatedly while telling her how blessed she is that she will soon bear a child of a victorious Mujahadeen warrior.

Why do I approve of President George W. Bush lying to us?

We are an open society. We are multicultural at least to the extent that rump Yugoslavia was multicultural and, we must be careful not to enrage our component communities against each other.
Were the President to declare that this is indeed "a Religious War," the President would be personally responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent Muslims and others throughout the world.
They can declare "a Religious War" against us, but we must keep a low profile and allow the non-Wahabi Muslims to join with us, if they chose to, in our war against this warring faction. Our only hope to help the "other" Muslims survive this war is to allow them the freedom to align themselves against the Wahabis, and to help them understand that in the eyes of these Wahabi, they too were Infidels, and were aligned with the "Crusaders." You can see the beginnings of this in Iraq, as the marauding barbarians in Iraq are directing their war against Muslims who disagree with them, Egyptians, Pakistanis, and others who do not fit in with the Neo-Taliban barbarian marauders. This puts us in a fair amount of risk, but it is not only consistent with our traditions of openness, it also allows us the possibility of limiting casualties in both the long and short terms.
What we must not ever forget is that the enemy is engaged in "a Religious War." They will not accept any resolution to the conflict other than their ultimate victory or our total defeat and destruction. Remember that, and forgive the President for lying. In war we have to consider both tactics and strategy. What we call this war is, in the end, far less important than that we win it. What you must understand now is that we cannot settle for anything other than the absolute defeat of our enemies, or they will win. In their eyes we are all "Crusaders," and nothing can change their minds about that.

(c) Rabbi Haim Cassorla 2004ce.

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