Talking to a Brick Wall
Talking to a Brick Wall

By Angela Bertz

It seems absolutely incredible that after 4 years of Palestinian terrorism there are still people foolish enough to consider talking with Yasser Arafat. Lo and behold Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom recently came across two such individuals in the shape of his counterparts from Holland and Germany, Bernard Bot and Joschika Fisher. The two were quick to confess that while they are no fans of Yasser Arafat and his leadership (if that’s what you want to call it) they still thought it was necessary to talk to him.

About what!!??

How about doors?

Yasser Arafat is an expert on doors. For instance how many times has he stuck his grim head out of his front door to greet the world's media with rheumy eyes to condemn the latest Palestinian homicide bombing in Israel. As soon as the media have dispersed Yasser Arafat turns his attention to his back door where with twinkling eyes he greets his own people and faltering English is replaced by rapid fire Arabic screaming for "Jihad" and death to all Israelis. How about swing doors to represent the PA's arrest policy. Known terrorists are rounded up and no sooner are the jokes and handshakes over than these evil ghouls are swinging back out through the other side of the swing door.

How about travel?

Yasser Arafat has taken up, or been a resident in quite a few countries over the years. Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon for instance. Some of them did not last long. Maybe Mr. Arafat didn’t find the countries to his liking. Maybe the ambience of the people or their particular culture didn’t suit him. Perhaps the landscape didn’t appeal to his aesthetic nature. It seems when things started working out badly for him he just went on a killing spree and was ultimately banished for his unruly behaviour.

How about history?

Yasser Arafat was recently quoted as saying that Palestinians go back to the beginning of time. Mr. Arafat would in fact be hard put to come up with a single scrap of evidence to support any Palestinian civilization whatsoever, especially prior to the '67 war. Mr. Arafat was recently quoted as saying that the Palestinians went back a million years. Maybe said ministers would be convinced by a seemingly old piece of pottery in Mr. Arafat's artifacts, marked "Made in Palestine a million years ago" as proof of this very ancient culture. Evolution it seems has not been very kind to the Palestinians.

How about sport?

Yasser Arafat has quite a history in sport. How about the1972 Olympic games in Munich, Germany. Sadly it was not for the Palestinians teams' prowess on the track, or their skills on the parallel bars that they captured the hearts of the spectators. Mr. Arafat seemed to think that terrorism had become an event and the consequent cold-blooded murder of 11 Israeli team members was hardly a performance worthy of a gold medal.

How about money?

Maybe Mr. Arafat could explain how it is that his plighted people, who have had more aid money than any other people in the world, recently had their poverty compared to that of the Sub Saharan desert. One would certainly have to be a little curious as to how such a leader of such beleaguered people ended up being one of the richest men in the world. Maybe Mr. Arafat could explain in his own lilting way how expensive guns and mortar shells are never in short supply, yet most of the population lives in abject poverty, purposely kept in ignorance.

How about children?

Maybe Mr. Arafat would like to explain how Palestinian youngsters of 10 are often interviewed on T.V. with no other dreams for the future than becoming a martyr. Maybe he could give a speech on the benefits of one of the many summer camps used to brainwash children, by dressing them up in combat uniforms and teaching them how to kill. Maybe he would like to tell said ministers how children are often used by terrorists as decoys. How about kindergarten children that spend their days hand painting in red to show the heroic deeds of their fathers in Ramallah. The ones that tore two Israelis limb from limb, tearing out their vital organs and then raising bloodied hands like cannibals.

How about celebrations?

No-one knows how to get an impromptu party under way like the Palestinians. How many times has Israel been scraping its dead off the interior of buses and restaurants while the Palestinians have been setting of fireworks and throwing handful of sweets to their demonized children.

There are many topics you could discuss with Yasser Arafat.

How about the most elementary one of all? 4 years ago he was offered a Palestinian state with 97% of his demands met, including the unthinkable of Jerusalem as his capital.

He turned it down.

Why does someone simply not ask him outright why he is supposedly fighting and causing so much blood shed on both sides for something he was offered on a sliver platter 4 years ago?

I am sure we have all heard the expression "you might as well be talking to a brick wall". In fact in this instance gentleman you will find talking to a wall – the one that Israel has now been forced to build after 4 years of relentless Palestinian terrorism a damn sight more self explanatory than talking to Yasser Arafat.

Angela Bertz - Israel


Reprinted by permission.