The NATFHE is Living in The Twilight Zone
The NATFHE is living in the twilight zone

By Angela Bertz
The small town of Soham sits in low lying countryside in the English county of Cambridgeshire.  The town is greatly overshadowed by the nearby market town of Newmarket, world famous for horse racing and the distinguished university town of Cambridge. 


On August 4th 2002 Sky News, would give Soham and the horrible story that unfolded that day its almost undivided attention.  Camera crews focused almost 24/7 on two missing ten year old schoolgirls, Jessica Chapman and Holly Wells.

At 6.45 am (British time) as Jessica and Holly still slept peacefully in their beds on that fateful day Jihad Hamadeh, a resident of the Palestinian town of Jenin detonated a bomb on an Israeli bus, traveling between Haifa and Safed. Nine people were killed instantly and 50 more were wounded. Hamadeh had been dispatched by Hamas and aided and abetted by two Israeli Arab citizens, who were able to use their knowledge and freedom of movement in Israel to find a suitable target.

At 9.45 am as Jessica and Holly would probably have been enjoying a family breakfast a Palestinian gunman opened fire on a telecommunications truck parked on the border of Jerusalem’s old city. Two people were killed and 17 more were wounded.  The Fatah al-Aqsa Brigade, closely associated with Yasser Arafat claimed responsibility for the attack.

In Israel as 11 dead bodies were being identified and 70 more were being treated for their injuries Jessica and Holly’s day was developing in a leisurely manner. Just before noon Jessica headed for Holly’s nearby house to give her a necklace she had bought on a Menorca holiday. The girls spent some time playing on the computer, stopping to eat sandwiches and to pop out for about 20 minutes to buy some sweets at the nearby sports center.  Just after 5 pm the two girls, who were avid Manchester United fans posed for a picture wearing the vivid bright red strip of their favourite team.  They ate a barbecue dinner shortly afterwards and at about 18.15 the parents heard the girls chatter in Holly’s bedroom before they went out. Their parents would never see them alive again.

At just after 18.30 two witnesses reported seeing the girls walking linked arm in arm and heading down a footpath. It would have brought them right past the house where the school caretaker Ian Huntley lived. The girls were never seen again and never returned home. At 21.45 the police were summoned.

An hour later a three year old girl in Israel watched as Palestinian gunmen opened fire on their car, killing her father and pregnant mother.  For the second time that day a group affiliated with Arafat’s Fatah group claimed responsibility.  The little girl was injured.

Two weeks later on August 17th the bodies of Jessica and Holly were found in a nearby ditch.  After an investigation Ian Huntley was charged with their murder. He was sentenced to a life behind bars in a high security prison and his house was demolished.

On May 27th,  almost a year after the AUT’s unsuccessful attempt to boycott Israel’s University’s The NATFHE, who are the largest trade union and professional association for lecturers, trainers, researchers and managers working in higher education throughout England, Wales and Northern Ireland  are poised to recommend passing the same motion. Almost 67,000 Palestinian terrorism apologists are set to fall back on the usual twilight zone mentality, affecting most of world when it comes to the poor Palestinians.  The NATFHE it seems are just another pathetic organization getting on the ever fashionable, always believable and never contested Palestinian propaganda bandwagon.

Maybe the NATFHE should equate the same policies they use to ridicule a sovereign state, forced by reality and not by design to target those that seek their destruction to the horrible events in Soham.

If this was the case Ian Huntley would have killed the little girls as part of an armed resistance. He would have considered their presence on the footpath leading to his door as occupied territory.  He would have set the border of his make believe domain to include his garden, and the soon to be incorporated British Isles.  There would be no historical facts to back his claim, but a few crocodile tears in front of the worlds press would soon get you all the sympathy you need.  Throw in some tales of starvation and half a dozen Sue Blackwell’s who are able to base everything on fictional historical inaccuracy and you would soon be able to pull the wool over most of the worlds eyes. The Palestinians can be thanked for perfecting that art to perfection.

The press would have reacted with pity and empathy for the two little girls, but only for about 5 minutes before turning their attention back to Huntley and his desperate struggle.

There would be almost daily pictures of Huntley posing in front of his front gate weeping and talking of his humiliation every time he is forced to go through it. He would talk of the former caretakers and how they have now formed a resistance movement to combat the unfair treatment they now face at the hands of the British. He would be careful to never mention the excellent care he received in one of their hospitals a couple of years ago. He would not mention the electricity and water they supply to him 24/7.  

Soham schools will be boycotted by other schools. The children will become pariahs, unable to compete in any area school event. Encouraged by Huntley they will burn British flags and dream of the day when they can defend their newly invented homeland.

Finally armed British forces poised on nearby roof tops will uncover information that leads them to capturing and charging Huntley with Jessica and Holly’s murder. His sentencing to life imprisonment will send senses reeling, with many calling, not only for his release but to make him Prime Minister of the newly appointed state of Soham.

Before this happens some useful idiot and Rachel Corrie clone will throw herself in front of a bulldozer trying to prevent British forces from destroying the home where the two little girls were murdered.  Huntley will be referred to as a desperate and lowly caretaker, who chose the only way he had to fight back the savage crimes the British had inflicted on his homeland.

The scenario is farcical beyond belief; however this is more or less what the NATFHE have based their boycott of Israel on. If the press and most world leaders are to be believed, Israel's targeted killings of the monsters that actively promote and dispatch people to Israel to murder and maim are seen as an affront to human dignity. Checkpoints that now cause delays are considered a humiliation. Searching a Palestinian ambulance is criminal. The wall that Israel has now built to deter the terrorists from entering has received criticism from around the world. The extra 20 minutes it now takes a Palestinian farmer to reach his field is more important than the scores of Israeli lives it now saves. Demolishing homes that have been used by terrorists or for smuggling weapons has reached the corridors of the United Nations and Amnesty International, who have constantly condemned not the Palestinians, but Israel.

The imprisonment of Ian Huntley saw justice being served for the crime he committed. If Israel’s policies, which are so troubling for the NATFHE could have prevented even one of the 13 deaths on that same day, then what right does this organization have to sit as judge, jury and prosecutor on policies that have proven to save lives.

Policies, especially ones instigated by a government and designed to appeal to the masses can take years before they become a way of life for the people. Israel, since its establishment has lived in the shadow of a dozen countries that seek to destroy it. Never in its short history has it ever adopted policies of hatred, but has constantly sought ways to bridge the sometimes insurmountable gaps with it neighbours especially the Palestinians. These have included the release of hundreds of Palestinian prisoners from jails, to allowing hundreds of Palestinians to take advantage of free healthcare facilities in its hospitals. These are not widely reported as they would be counter productive to all the pathetic apologists that seek to paint Israel in a demonic light, while turning a blind eye to hate incitement policies adopted by the Palestinians, which have yet to see the light of day at the end of any UN Resolution.

Palestinian policy, which has for years stirred the population into a frenzy of hatred against Israel and cruelly demonized a whole generation of its children could have presented itself in no more damning light than on PA TV on April 10 of this year. A young girl read out part of a poem as part of Palestinian Children’s day.

"Even if all the Jews arrived (in Israel) seeking refuge with the monkeys [as Jews are commonly called]... we will never accept compensation for our land. There is no substitute for Jerusalem!... Our death is like life, My homeland is the invaders' grave... I will walk 1000 miles even if I die in it as a Martyr..."

The NATFHE needs to ask itself if Jessica and Holly could ever have related to such twisted and ugly sentiments.  They were sweet little girls enjoying an innocent childhood and like more than 120 Israeli children killed by Palestinians lived in a world far removed from such vile hatred.

What is even more appalling is that the audience that applauded this young girl was no other than PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas and several PA officials.  These are the same people that have since the death of Arafat demanded endless unconditional concessions, many detrimental to Israel own security. The whole world, including the AUT and NATFHE have the audacity to single out Israel with its blatantly one sided hypocrisy, judging its policies to protect its own children, not against one to many Ian Huntley’s but against millions of Palestinians as deserving of an academic boycott.

You really do have to live in the twilight zone to be able to do that.

Angela Bertz - Israel

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Reprinted by permission.