Light a Candle For Anat Rosenberg
Light a Candle For Anat Rosenberg

By Angela Bertz

Anat Rosenberg was 37 years old and had lived in London for 18 years.

Anat Rosenberg was also an Israeli.

She was fearful of visiting Israel because of the high number of terrorist attacks in this country. In the end her life ended abruptly on the # 30 bus from an act of terrorism, not on the streets of Israel, but in London on the 7th July 2005.

People the world over were appalled by the bombings. However in the midst of the shock and sadness there was finally a glimmer of hope.

For years the world's media, leaders, the UN, EU etc has bent over backwards to find feeble excuses justifying Palestinian terrorist attacks on over 100 buses and restaurants in Israel. These attacks have claimed the lives of over 1000 innocent Anat Rosenberg's. Anat Rosenberg's death was as pointless as everyone else who died that day. This pointlessness it seems is now meaningless.

On the day Anat and 50 more innocent people died from these terrorist attacks, the G8 delegates of wealthy world leaders were busy being hosted by Tony Blair amidst tight security in the beautiful Scottish countryside. Anat was still among the nameless victims and her body would not be identified and flown back to Israel for burial for several days. In fact the first of the victims had barely been identified before these G8 leaders were rewarding the Palestinians with a huge pledge of 3 Billion Dollars and some of the media was already blaming Israel for the attack.

The link below will enable you to light a candle for Anat Rosenberg (just scroll down and her name will appear on top). Maybe her tragic death will eventually light the way for better understanding.

Please pass around to everyone you know to light a candle for Anat Rosenberg.

Angela Bertz - Israel

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Reprinted by permission.