Tea and Sympathy
Tea and Sympathy

By Angela Bertz

The attack in Israel on 12th July 2005 was TERRORISM.

The people that carried out the attack in Israel were TERRORISTS.

The people that died from the attack in Israel were killed by TERRORISTS.

The Paramedics that would have treated the victims were treating victims of TERRORISM.

The people that are now fighting for their lives are doing so because of TERRORISM.

The people, who witnessed the attack, watched an act of TERRORISM.

The people that survived the attack, especially the children will need years of counseling because of TERRORISM.

The people that are now gathering torn limbs and scraping body parts of the streets in Israel are doing so because of TERRORISM.

A Suicide bomber in Israel is a pathetic euphemism for a TERRORIST.

A Suicide attack in Israel is a gentle, non-descript non effective word to describe TERRORISM.

People that will now attend funerals in Israel are doing so because of TERRORISM.

Netanya has never been the target of an attack, but it has been of TERRORISM

People that claim responsibility for these attacks in Israel are TERRORISTS.

Islamic Jihad and Hamas are organizations that perpetrate TERRORISM.

The Islamic Jihad didn’t kill 5 Israelis in February outside a night club in Tel Aviv; they carried out an act of TERRORISM.

There has been no truce the last 5 months; they simply haven't succeeded in carrying out an act of TERRORISM.

Mahmoud Abbas has never reigned in the TERRORISTS.

Palestinian Media, Mosques and Schools still encourage TERRORISM.

The Palestinians have to date perpetrated over 20,000 acts of TERRORISM.

TERRORISM against Israel assures you the world's undivided attention and sympathy.

TERRORISM against Israel rewards you, with everyone from the G8, EU, Russia, The U.S.A. and the U.N. falling over themselves to give you your own state.

Terrorism against Israel turns perpetrators into heroes and victims into aggressors.

Terrorism against Israel assures you will never be at the receiving end of a U.N. Resolution.

Terrorism against Israel means that by wanting to protect your citizen's you have to suffer the wrath of ignorant University Teachers in England, the Presbyterian Church, Christian Aid, and Amnesty International to name a few.

Terrorism against Israel assures stars like Angelina Joli, Vanessa Redgrave and Richard Gere will cheer for you.

Terrorism against Israel assures it is the one vilified it as a pariah state with Apartheid type laws. It opens up the floodgates for terrorism apologists in the guise of Anglican churches, universities and biased bigots like George Galloway calling for boycotts.

Terrorism against Israel means five minutes of sympathy from the world's media before they all start falling over themselves to justify, glorify and glamourize these acts as measures of sheer hopelessness taken by sad and desperately plighted people.

Terrorism against Israel means having extraordinary abilities. It enables you turn blind eyes, deaf ears and sealed lips towards anything remotely resembling a historical fact. It means never having to make any distinction between fact and fiction, especially if the facts mean challenging or disputing Palestinian fiction.

Terrorism in London allowed its tragic victims dignity. None of them were described as illegal occupiers of the London Underground. None of the victims were killed by militants. The BBC almost burnt through their keyboards in the speed their fingers were typing out the word TERRORISM. There was no end of condemnation and what fate awaits the perpetrators from Jack Straw.

For years Israel has been the victim of shoddy and shameful hypocrisy with the whole world gently tiptoeing around words like TERRORISM. Who will ever forget journalist's finest moment; Barbara Plett's tear stained face outside Yasser Arafat's compound weeping like some foolish heroine in a B rated movie.

The attack in London was tragic. What is even more tragic is that a country that has been at the receiving end and the training arena for these types of attacks for nearly five years is still treated with contempt.

Some people expressed the sad hope that maybe now the world will understand what Israel has been through.

Sadly they did, but only for about 10 minutes or as long as it took Tony Blair to cluck sympathetically, make a cup of tea and together with his G8 partners donate three billion dollars to the Palestinians.

TERRORISM it seems pays huge dividends, especially if you do it against Israel!

Angela Bertz - Israel

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Reprinted by permission.