Bye Bye Love
Bye Bye Love

By Angela Bertz

In the spring of 1957 two Tennessee teenagers took the song Bye, Bye Love and made it their first million record seller.

It was of course, The Everly Brothers.

Nearly 50 years later, the schmaltzy words of this song, which spoke sadly of pending emptiness and a life of loneliness, following the end of a romance, were hijacked for a much more ominous reason.

"To help the people of Palestine"

The lyrics which had once brought tears to the eyes of teenage girls in the 1950's were now replaced with the more sinister chorus of: "Don’t buy dates, Don’t buy Jaffa Fruit, Don’t buy Israeli wine, There's a boycott going o-on (repeat).

"We won't buy grapefruit or Israeli wine

At first glance, this low level drivel, looks like it could have been written by a pubescent teenager, doing a very one sided school project on the Middle East. She would, as likely as not, probably have been exposed to Sue Blackwell's website.

"And if you're wondering what you can do"

The song is actually called the, The Boycott Israel Song and was in fact churned out by Sue Blackwell, an English University Teacher at Birmingham University. The same infamous terrorist, cheerleading Ms. Blackwell who recently arrived at the Association of University Teachers conference proudly draped in a Palestinian flag and calling for an academic boycott of Israel.

"Please join the boycott and help them too"

Ms Blackwell actually has her own website and judging by the sheer volume of material, seemingly devotes 24/7, or in real terms almost the same amount of time the Palestinians devote to inciting hatred against Israel, to her site.

"Tell all your neighbours, 'Please don’t be shy'"

It offers browsers a totally distorted, one sided glaucomatous vision of the conflict. So narrow and biased in its contents, that the only way to realistically describe it is; as sanity and reasoning gone absolutely "AWOL".

"If it says Israel, don’t hesitate"

It devotes four pages to articles on Palestine and Israel. The titles speak volumes on the contents of the pieces. "The End of a Viable Palestinian State", "Israel violating International Law by destroying Homes in Gaza", "Autopsy indicates cameraman was killed by Israelis", "Israelis to demolish entire Palestinian Village" etc, etc. The befuddled Archbishop Tutu adds his pound of insightful flesh with "Apartheid in the Holy Land".

"Don’t put apartheid on your plate"

The provocative picture gallery serves the same purpose as the articles and don’t forget to check out mfj13.jpg. This shows little Mohammed Al-Durrah crouching behind his father. Who ever said the camera doesn’t lie?

"Check sweet potatoes, avocados too"

Check out Ms. Blackwell's website links. You won't have to look very hard to find the latest group of gormless goons riding hard and fast on the Palestinian Terrorist Apologist Bandwagon. There is now "War on Want", run by a dubious bunch of British Politicians and Entertainers.

"If it says Israel, you know what to do"

It devotes its whole website to blaming Israel for every ill that has forlorn the poor Palestinians. Like Ms. Blackwell these narrow minded ignoramuses seem to be missing the final chromosome in the evolutionary process that would have enabled them to apply reasoning to their pathetic arguments, or even consider that maybe there are always two sides to any conflict.

"Just read the bar codes"

On Wednesday the 7th August 2002, Ms Blackwell states in her Blog (or, the diary of a witch hunt) "Sure enough, I have started to receive abusive e-mails from people accusing me of supporting terrorism with subject lines like "Celebrate" and It's only Jews" with reference to reports of suicide bombings". This cavalier attitude, seemingly to throw some uncertainty into the horrendous event that occurred a week before this entry on the 31st July is beyond contempt. A Palestinian bomb took the lives of nice people and injured 86 more in the Cafeteria of Jerusalem's Hebrew University. Celebrate! Yes indeed. In facts the street of Gaza were thronged with people doing just that.

"Things made in Israel start 7 2 9"

In October 2002 Iris Lavi had the distinction of becoming a great grand mother for the very first time. This vibrant 68 year old Israeli woman was already mother to five children and eight grandchildren. On the 21st of October the newest addition to her family was only two months old. Iris was never to see that child again. On that day a Palestinian terrorist pulled up next to the bus she was traveling in and detonated an explosive laden jeep. Iris and 13 more innocent Israelis were blown to pieces and 65 more were injured. Ms. Blackwell's diary for that day doesn’t even mention this horrendous event.

"So help the people of Palestine"

Thankfully the site provides some comic relief. Don’t miss Dr. Andrew Rouse's rousing piece entitled Andrew vs the Star State Troopers. The 22 page article is his observations on a 17 day trip to Palestine and Israel. This medical moron, also from Birmingham University accuses Israel of stealing hundreds of "denims" of land daily. Gee thanks Andrew. I guess the media will now be accusing Israel of literally taking, not only Palestinian land, but the clothes right of their backs as well. Also, for anyone that didn’t know beautiful Russian girls are available from escort agencies in Tel Aviv with "24 hour rates available" – thanks for the tip Andrew.

"And don’t buy grapefruit or Israeli wine"

Give the Things to buy section a visit at the Palestinian Online Store. Check out the flag section which features a polyester Palestinian flag; "Made in Taiwan. You can then show your solidarity with Palestinian Woman by wearing a softly enameled button portraying a woman bearing a Palestinian flag swaying in the breeze. It comes with a butterfly clutch on the backside and is imported from Australia.

"And if your wonder what you can do"

Take a look at the 19"wide by 25"high poster produced by the American Education Trust with bold letters at the top "Israel Targets Children". This inflammatory poster shows a teenage Palestinian boy heroically facing an Israeli tank. It asserts that the "Israel occupied Forces" have purposely gunned down more than 400 children.

"Then join the boycott and help them too –"

One can only wonder how such blatant one sided hypocritical bias serves any possible purpose for the Palestinians. Why do Sue Blackwell and her ilk never consider that Israel has had to endure nearly five years of watching 100's of Palestinian men, women and children (lets not forget the scores that thankfully don’t make it) smuggle weapons through their homes, fire endless mortar shells and rockets at our towns, surround themselves with their children as they shoot at ours, lynch our soldiers, board our buses and enter our cafes strapped with explosives all because they supposedly want their own state. Five years ago the Palestinians were not only offered their own State, but by anyone's standards it was a magnanimous offer, incorporating 97% of their demands. Arafat turned it down and in the years since both Israel and the Palestinians has suffered the tragic consequences.

"Yes join the boycott and help them too"

What is even worse is that we have had to endure years of endless Sue Blackwell's that will go to just about any length to justify a society that considers these murderous acts those of heroes, martyrs, role models for their children and the stuff of legends. Ms. Blackwell calls her site "Sues famous pages on Palestine and Israel". In fact there is very little, if any on Israel at all that isn’t either inflammatory, derogatory, demonizing or blaming it.

Bye Bye Love – Bye Bye Sanity.

To its credit Sue Blackwell's website has one decent link. It is The Hate Mail of the Month. This allows people who wish to express their abhorrence to this shrine of terrorist apologizing to add their views. It is the only place on this website I would be honoured to appear on.

Go ahead! Make my day! (Sung to the tune of your choice)

Angela Bertz - Israel


Reprinted by permission.