MBE - Most Biased Editorial
MBE - Most Biased Editorial

By Angela Bertz

Great Britain is sadly second only to France, with a now astounding record of Anti-Semitism to its credit, recently crowned its new Queen in this arena, by recommending an MBEMember of the British Empire to BBC Reporter, Orla Geurin.

If this woman deserves such an award then by all means let her have it, but let's call a spade a spade and rename it - Most Biased Editorial.

Ms. Guerin, easily and deservedly considered the most biased and one-sided of all BBC reporters, has done nothing for the image of this much tarnished organization and its already low level of reporting from this region. She has used Myopic, Benign Euphemisms to exonerate Martyred Bloodthirsty and Evil Palestinian Terrorism against Israel. She has shown a Misplaced Balance of almost Excessive proportions. Ms Guerin even questioned Israel's claim to be a democracy" and "compared its press freedom with Zimbabwe's."

She in fact described her most Memorable, Blessed and Euphoric moment in life as the funeral of Arafat.

Mass-Murderering Barbaric Executioners that Massacre Blameless and Elderly people have for years been treated Meekly with Banal Eulogies, written, by not only Ms. Guerin, but a never ending Multitude of Bigoted Exploiters that shames their profession with their totally one-sided views.

Anti-Semitism and Anti-Israel sentiments are nothing new in Great Britain. We have had to watch Jack Straw, with his bouquet of Red & Gold Chrysanthemums Mutter Buffoonish Endorsements at the death of Sheik Yassin, his successor, Rantissi and by the grave of Arafat. We had to listen to Malignant, Backbiting Expressions spewed out by London Major, Ken Livingstone. We have heard Mrs. Blair Exclaim Suicide Bombers as a rather jolly bunch, who can hardly be blamed for their actions and Dr. Jenny Tonge, Moronic Backbencher Excitedly declare her willingness to be one, had she not had a lucrative career as a doctor and Member of British Parliament.

This last week these events reached a Mind Blowing Epic conclusion as a Macabre and Bizarre Event took place in the English coastal town of Eastbourne.

Gathered was a Machiavellian Bunch of Eminent University Teachers about to Make Bogus and Eerie excuses for Palestinian terrorism. This event, reminiscent of nearly 70 years ago when in Nazi Germany, Jewish Academics were banned from taking any further part in University life, was sadly only missing the swastikas. In the forefront sat Mindless Bimbo Educator Sue Blackwell. Her webpage on Israel and Palestine is the most Misrepresentative Backbiting Extravaganza of Maudlin and Brainless Excuses for terrorism that you could possible find.

I am sure that Ms. Blackwell and her ilk, who support Misplaced Brainwashed Extremists like Rachel Corrie, who cheerlead for hooded thugs were just the people to Manipulate Bellicosed Emotions in this little seaside town. Ms. Corrie will be best remembered in Israel, not for taking her last stand for Palestinian Terrorism but for her Manical and Brutal Energy as she burned American and Israel flags in front of a Mesmerized, Bedeviled Entourage of Palestinian children.

Ms. Blackwell and the AUT are obviously Mentally Blurred at such Enthusiasm. They are unable to picture so-called Palestinian Militants' Barbaric Execution of innocent Israelis on their buses, restaurants, in their homes and on their streets as anything other than the actions of a Miserable, Bleak and Endearing race of plighted people forced to take actions against this Monstrous Bastion of Empowerment – The State of Israel.

The AUT, thanks in no small part to the likes of MBE Orla Geurin who have for years spread Malicious Bastardly Exposes, portraying Israel as the Make-believe Butchers of an Emaciated race of people is simply absurd and one would have thought Morally Beneath Ethical behavior befitting British University Teachers.

Sadly this Mockery, Blessing and Echoing its support for the Palestinian Academics, not even once proclaiming the most Minimum and Basic Equivalent to their own Governments 24/7 of hate incitement, especially since the start of the current Intifada (uprising) was thrust on Israel nearly 5 years ago. The Message Boomed Effusively 24/7 from every mosque, T.V., School and media outlet was never questioned. The Palestinians have created Myths from Bamboozling and Exaggerating facts.

In fact nothing was discussed at all.

The motions were passed with no debate whatsoever. Of course one can say that were the AUT's actions examined and Magnified by Broader-minded Enlightened people, these Measures By Egocentric Academics, who obviously have no idea what is means to hear a bomb and scrape dead bodies of the floor of buses, would never have been passed.

Dozens of countries around the world adopt unfavorable measures against its population, many of them far worse than Israel. Israel has been forced to take extreme measures to stop even more extreme measures by terrorists taken against its innocent civilians. Why has only Israel been selected for such vilification, while five years of Palestinian terrorism including over 100 Homicide bombings goes totally unquestioned?

MBE to Orla Guerin.

The Government Must Be Extremely na´ve.

Angela Bertz - Israel


Reprinted by permission.